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Be a part in this national emergency

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  Kathmandu, Nepal      August 15 2017

As of writing, the landslides and flooding triggered by heavy rain came from Friday night have killed at least 90 people in various parts of Nepal mainly in the Teria districts. While about 50 people have been missing and dozens other have injured, it is suspected that the number of death toll would jump higher than the existing number. It is estimated that about one about two Lakh people have directly affected by the disaster. Similarly, about 60,000 homes are under water and about two hundred homers were either swept away or destroyed due to the foods and landslide. As roads are also destroyed and settlements are detached from the electricity and communication, the rescue operations are also badly affected. The security personnel mobilized in the rescue operation have also failed to operate rescue operations effectively due to the lack of equipments like rope, boat etc. There is also a fear that post floods situation would invite serious health problems as the victims have no pure water even to drink.  It is likely that serious humanitarian problem would emerge in the country particularly in the floods and landslides affected areas even though the government has been hesitating to declare the situation as state of emergency. As most of the farmlands have submerged, paddy fields have destroyed completely in most of the Teria regions, which would trigger shortage of foods in the country. 
The monsoon rains, which used to start in June and continue through September, are important for farm dependent Nepal. But the seasonal monsoon rains used to cause heavy loss of life and property damage each year. There would be had to prepare for all kind of unpredictable weather patterns like the country has witnessed now, but it would not be termed as a blame that the government and the concerned agencies have failed to give appropriate attention on time over the heavy loss of life and property damage each year. The government and non government agencies used to spend a lot of money on the name of improving their disaster-preparedness trainings and others, but no result is come out in the field. For instance the issue of installing the early warning system would be taken as an example. The government had repeatedly been informing that early warning system will be installed in the disaster porn areas. Obviously, such a system would be beneficial to minimize the destruction of life and property. But no institutions even remembered before causing the loss. It is shameful even to pronounce that some political parties seem to have indulged on politicizing the national disaster rather than involving in the rescue and relief distribution campaign. As third phase of local level elections is going to be held on September 18 in the province number 2, which is largely affected from the recent floods, some political parties have used the recent disaster as tool to politicize the issue either criticizing the government or other means. 
With the normalcy in the rain falls, the looming risks caused by the Narayani and Rapti Rivers have been averted for the moment as water flow is decreasing gradually in the Rivers. However, floods, landslides have not completely stopped, even though the rainfalls in many places have abated for now. The government should focus in the post disaster management by prioritizing the issues even though it failed to mention precautionary measures to minimize the loss of lives and damage of properties earlier. It is reported that some villages have been remaining yet out of contact after their telephone lines were snapped by the floods. The government and the other concerned agencies should give first priority to take them into contact because the rescue and relief distribution operation would not be possible without identifying the victims and measuring of the damages. All the energies of the country should be directed at dealing with this national emergency by closely coordinating with the private sector actors, NGOs and the political parties. Such a collective efforts should be intensified to set up temporary shelters to distribute foods and necessary medicines for flood victims. As this is the time to contribute to the victims, we hereby would like to urge all to help whatever they can, in the ongoing rescue, relief and rehabilitation efforts but not indulge on the dirty politics for the partisan gain.