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Clueless of Nirmala’s Rape And Murder: Shame To The Nation
  Kathmandu, Nepal      August 03 2019

It’s been a year since a 13 year old minor Nirmala Panta of Bhimdatta Municipality of Kanchanpur district was raped and murdered but the perpetrator(s) of the heinous crime is yet to be identified. The investigation process, botched up from the very beginning, is almost clogged now tough the government has not stopped to parrot that investigation process are going on.
The rape and murder case of Nirmala Panta has still been startling the country for the surprising cluelessness though such incidents have become common phenomenon in the country as the Minister of Home Affairs Ram Bahadur Thapa has reaffirmed that the rape and murder of Nirmala was not the first incident of its kind in the country.
During a media conference held at his office, he had said that such incidents used to occur in the past, are taking place at present and may continue in future too, and cannot be prevented completely. The statement of Home Minister indicates that the government has not taken the incident seriously even though he did not forgotten to reiterate that investigation is still on and the government is committed to punishing the guilty.  

The statement of Home Minister Thapa is highly criticized for the reason that his administration has not only been failing to book the culprit(s) of the heinous crime but also for making irritating statements. During the function he even stated that the mixing of politics in the investigation process was the reason behind the failure of the government to book the culprit (s). Earlier he had blamed the capitalism, cyber porn and liquor behind the escalating incidents of rape, murder and other form of violence against woman. Such a ridiculous statements of Thapa have not only defamed him but also put the government in an awkward position.
Government’s commitment on granting justice to the victims, controlling of rampant corruption and other anomalies have also fallen under the serious question marks. The Home Minister Thapa has to answer the people for being unable to accomplish some of its own commitments like tracing out the 33 kg gold smuggled from the Tribhuvan International Airport last year, continuation of transport cartels despite the government’s claim to have dismantled it and many others including punishing the underperforming and non-performing contractors.

The rape and murdered incident occurred in July 26, 2018 drew not only the national but international attention for the failure of the government to bring into book the perpetrator(s). As the teenage girl was found dead with her body half submerged in a sugarcane field, near her home just a day after she failed to return home from a visit to her friend’s house, the culprit (s) would have arrested immediately after the incident if the investigation process was conducted seriously. 
As test conducted by the police had shown traces of male DNA in the vaginal swab, why the police failed to get important clues on people who raped and murdered Nirmala?  Tough the volume of male DNA sample retrieved from Nirmala’s vaginal swab was too small, it is still possible for the desired results only if the advanced techniques are applied.

As blood specimens of 80 out of 600 suspects are also already interrogated in connection with the case, the government should not left the case as mystery. The case would be taken as a symbol of government’s failure because it has not only failed to book the culprit (s) but treated like an enemy to the justice seekers including victim’s family.