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Growing Incidents Of Violence And Criminalizing Culture

  Kathmandu, Nepal      September 23 2018


The acid attack on the two teen age sisters from Chandrapur Municipality of Rautahat district- Samjhana Kumari Das, 18, and Sushmita Kumari Das, 15 were attacked with acid on last Wednesday night in the mean time when the entire country has been enraged over the rape and murder of 13-year-old Nirmala Pant of Kanchanpur district. As both the girls suffered burn injuries, they have been battling for life at the operation theatre of Kirtipur Hospital in Kathmandu. According to the hospital, Samjhana suffered 35 percent burn, from her head to her abdomen, whereas Sushmita, the younger sister, received nearly 5 percent burn, mostly injuring her hands. Samjhana is reported to have in danger zone because of the health complications would start appearing later in burn cases. In the condition of Nepal, there is a high chance of death when one’s 40 percent suffers burn injuries due to insufficient skin to replace. She would stay alive if she was treated promptly but her father is reported t have struggling hard in Kathmandu to borrow the amount to spend about Rs200, 000 for the treatment. As per the existing law, the culprit will be jailed for three years with a fine up to Rs300, 000 if the Police become able to arrest the culprit. But no one has assured him that he could not get financial support to save his daughters. Likewise, he has also no belief that police would become able to arrest the culprit to grant him justice.

Not only in the case of acid attack on Sushmita Kumari and Samjhana Kumari Das or rape and murder of Nirmala but every font of the society seems to have turned toward the criminality. Criminal activities like rape, murder, abduction, extortion, torture, theft and others have been occurring as of the commonly phenomenon of the society. Recent incidents have raised not only the question marks over the efficiency, performance and transparency of the Nepal Police but dragged the government into controversies for persisting reluctance to arrest the culprit. Nepal Police has come under criticism like never before though it once considered one of the best in criminal investigation and law enforcement in the world.  The failure of Nepal Police to bring to book the perpetrators by conducting prompt and effective criminal investigation has not only posed a threat to the life of the victim but gives rise to impunity in the society. Though laws and rights are considered as of the very important factor for any society for the overall well-being of citizens, all of them seem to have lost in the context of Nepal. For the result, the common people like the family of Das and Panta are fighting for survival in this extent of sorry state. 

The tragic case of Nirmala Pant has exposed the Nepal Police to its core after Nepal Police seem somehow involved to weaken the case. Not only the single case of Nirmala but dozens criminal activities like smuggling of 33 kg gold from the Tribhuwan International Airport (TIA), billions of scam on Sudan mission and many other cases have raised serious question marks over the efficiency, performance and transparency over the Nepal Police. The major factor to defame the security agencies is that it could not remain apart from the party politics. As a result, police leadership has been facing mammoth challenges to keep away the institution from political interference. As factionalism like that of ruling and opposition parties is created in the security agencies, culture of professionalism, observance of chain of command and victim-friendly policing are lost from the security agencies. Almost all the political parties and the governments formed after the restoration of democracy are responsible for criminalization of politics or politicization of criminal activities. Decade long Maoist insurgency had not only wakened the nation in every front but fueled to criminalize the Nepalese society. As this sorry state of affairs has gone on long enough even breaking down the law and order situation, the incumbent government has to give emphasis regain the lost enriching. The incumbent communist led government should take all these unlawful or criminal activities as of an enemy rather than to those who raises voice against of the disorder.