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Nepal is a Glorious Land in all Over the world

By Dirgha Raj Prasai
  Kathmandu, Nepal      September 01 2017

Dirgha Raj Prasai

Nepal Relation with China is Cordial  but Why Tension with India? 
Nepal is the pious Hindu country in the lapse of the Himalayas, which is beautiful, quiet, the birth place of Buddha and origin of Hinduism. Lord Buddha is believed to be the incarnation of Lord Vishnu- the Hindu God. Besides being the country of Everest it is equally popular with its diverse cultural values. This is the land where civilization began and is also known as the country of 'SANGRILA.' Nepal is as holy place to Hindus & Buddhists, as Mecca for Muslims and Jerusalem to Jews and Christians. WE Nepalese people must be conscious we save the Nepalese pious identity, traditional culture and prestige.  Nepal is a country sandwiched between China and India. Because of its geo- political situation, Nepal's sovereignty has always been very sensitive. Nepal is rich culturally and naturally. Our successful foreign policy would be to maintain our culture, traditions and indigenous identities to balance between China and India. 
Actually, Nepal is a paradise which provides calmness and rejuvenation to the mind. This lovely place is also said as the potpourri of ethnicity and has many cultural landscapes. This land of bio-diversity has so many cultural and religious landmarks that give a soothing experience to everyone.  Nepal is a rich and complex mix of different cultures and traditions, melded over thousands of years into a unique whole. For the western traveler there is much that is familiar, and many surprises. Family and religion are of paramount importance, and are constantly reflected throughout the culture. Culture provides essential information on attitudes, beliefs and behavior in different countries, ensuring that you arrive at your destination aware of basic manners, common courtesies, and sensitive issues. It offers illuminating insights into the culture and society of a particular country. Nepal moves to a different rhythm than the West.
The religious structure of Nepalese society is formally Hindu; but here and only here the interplay of peoples and their religious traditions has produced a rich fusion of Hindu and Buddhist faiths. It is common for both Hindus and Buddhists to worship at the same shrine, for many gods and saints are cross-over, often known by a different name but holding the same attributes.  The original inhabitants of the valley were animists, a tradition which survives in the multitude of spirits, demons, local deities, and stones which receive dutiful worship to this day. Hindu and Buddhist traditions adapted from the pre- existing animist practices and from each other. Indeed, in the medieval period, when both religions' practice adopted mystical, Tantric traditions, they were almost indistinguishable from each other.
Nepal's History and Religions Nepal is a rich and complex mix of different cultures and traditions, melded over thousands of years into a unique whole. For the western traveler there is much that is familiar, and many surprises. Family and religion are of paramount importance, and are constantly reflected throughout the culture. Nepal moves to a different rhythm than the West. The notes here are meant only to tantalize you into visiting this amazing place. 
Prithvi Narayan Shah, the unifier of Nepal is the pride of Nepal. It was almost 100 years before unification of Germany (1868), Italy (1868), and the restoration of the Meiji (Japan, 1868) in which America was also under British dependency, that Prithvi Narayan Shah had already  unified (1768) 54 small Hindu states and created only one Hindu kingdom in the world unifying a large, expanded and greater Nepal. But after the movement of April 2006 and the party leaders Congress, UML and Maoists came to power they smashed the statue of the great King, contempt and insulted him and called off the birth anniversary of the late king as a day of national  unity. 
A country's existence and prestige can gradually be eroded by finishing off its faith and belief tradition and culture and the creator of nation. If anyone wants the assurance of integrity and lasting peace in this country, one must not be confused about the country's century's old customs and religion prestige as well as the builder of nationality and unity. Having diverse cohesive communities, Nepal has built up as a nation in a long historical process. Nepal was worthy to be bowed down by Hindus all over the world. This is the highest honor Nepal could receive from the international community. Nepal's prestige and honor would elevate further if this country is declared as "Hindu and Buddhist" country, instead of a secular state. But, at present why the peaceful country where Lord Buddha was born has become the venue of confrontations? 
The main causes of the crisis is the abolishing our culture and traditions. Some are going to abolish the creations of Prithbinarayan Shah and to destroy his statute. In Kathmandu, over the centuries developed into the land of temples, the abode of the Gods and Goddess-a city that once boasted of harboring more God and Goddess than human's houses . 
But, Nepal Relation With China is Cordial and Why Tension With India?
The article 'Carefully on China' by Biswas Baral messaged all the internal problems on Nepal.The concern of the Nepalese people is complete democracy. Although the parliamentary systems in practice around the world vary in their nature, they are adjusted into the nation’s situation. Nepal is surrounded between the big two nations China and India. China always wants to cordial behaving with Nepal. China never troubled Nepal ever since communism was established in China. Although Nepal has ties with India since the Muslim rule there, Nepal always faced threat from India. Diplomat Keshar Bahadur KC had understood the Indian conspiracy when he said: "If there was no China, Nepal would have ceased to exist." 
The great leader of China, Mao Ze Dong, made his country recognized by the rest of the world fighting against imperial powers. Modifying (improving) the same policy, another leader Deng Xiaoping brought changes in Chinese communism. Even after the death of Deng Xiaoping, his Chinese policy was continued and China emerged as a global power. China, not only in the field of trade and business, was able to develop science, multilateral natural and cultural development. China has ranked as the second biggest economy in the world. China is expected to realize its goal of becoming a moderately prosperous country by 2020. On the leadership of the president Xi Jinping China is focusing to end the corruption. It is pointed that future anti-corruption work will focus on strengthening the penal system.
Nepal is a heaven as nature has given us a lot, still, Nepal is listed as one of the least developed countries in the globe. As Nepal is naturally prosperous, the foreign powers are eying us always. If the political leadership will forget their role and dance to the tune of the foreign powers, then the country will become a great victim.Those leaders, who have remained silent even on the construction of the embankments by the Indians inundating Nepal’s fertile land and Nepali settlements, are the big enemies of the Tarai people and on the whole, the great enemies of Nepal. 
‘A group of Madheshi leaders are claiming that they are fighting for the rights of the Madheshi people, in fact, they are fighting for the rights of those migrated Madheshi people as they have no feelings of the plight of the real Tarai people who are suffering from floods’ says Pushpa Raj Pradhan One cannot hope better times for this country from the present government as the present government has been formed to serve the Indian interests. When the mission is to serve foreign interests, what can we expect from such leaders. So, to remove all the confusion, there must be reinstatement of the Nepalese monarchy and the identified the world Hindu kingdom and in the presence of the King, these three nations can adopt permanently as diplomatic strategy.