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Our Education need to improve

By Kishna Verma
  Kathmandu, Nepal      September 23 2017

Education is regarded as the backbone of a country and a person as well. Without Education there is no any existence of human beings. Education must be life living  tools of the people, who had the dream to achieve something in their life from the  education. For education people have spent their importance period of life in schools and college. But spending our precious period we would not have achieved anything save foreign employment and hardliner in the political parties. In our country education was not for everyone in different regime in ancient time. After getting is value in the world it has become the necessity for the every people. Our government has provided free education to the people of the nation. 
In the policy of our nation education is free and most of the budget is spent in education system but according to the result and witness it's become the worthless somehow. Actually spending much more budget in education system is vain. We have to find out the reason, why such type of budget is getting vain year by year which was alienated by the government? In our country there are mainly two types of education system, government and private. In government education, government invests everything physically to logistic support for the concerned  people but in private education system government has not supported them. In record 18% of total students are studying in private institutions and rest of students studying in government schools.  
Comparing the quality of education and products of schools are private is higher than government schools. And comparing quality of education by the period is very low than the education of past decades. So, what are the reasons to be less quality education system of now a day? It's very clear due to the political fluctuation and unstable political systems are the main problem of education. Is this correct? In many contexts political is the main problem to improve the education system and now it's the hope to be improved in coming days. In some limited period we have been experienced to be ruled by the different political systems and now, we have popular and world experienced political system republican political system.
Education system of our country is not improved from top level, it must be started from the root level. We all are the responsible for this less quality education system of us. We blame to others for every reasons of decreasing quality education. Schools to DEO, DEO to RED, RED to DOE, DOE to MOE and MOE to government, it's the way of blaming to each other till now. Now we have got the local representative by the election who have full-fledged rights and responsibility for education to all sectors. Without improving education system no any things will be improved in our community to nations. It's clear due to the monitoring system of the concerned agencies is the decreasing quality of the education system. DOE and higher concerned representatives rarely monitor the schools and their program; they monitored only the physical construction and other program, where they are highly respected with money and other value. So, we must be improved before improving education system. 
Now, it's time to improve our education systems with the full-fledge rights and responsibility of the elected bodies of the local level. In the constitution of Nepal, 2072 has provided all the rights and responsibility to basic education to local level. If the roots of the education are improved all the system will definitely changed and we would not have visited the foreign country for low level labor and commit suicide for not being able to live along with the unemployment. We hope representatives from the elected bodies will be highly concerned to improve the education systems. They won't let us lay down our hope as we hoped.