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PM Oli should reach out to Dr. KC to save his life
  Kathmandu, Nepal      January 28 2019

With the endorsement of the National Medical Education Bill, a form of confrontation is invited in the country in the initiation of the incumbent Nepal Communist Party (NCP) led government. As two-thirds majority strength is utilized in the parliament even mobilizing hundreds of marshals in Parliament to endorse the disputed Bill, the main opposition Nepali Congress (NC) has come out to street to protest the government’s move. As the concerns of the opposition was not acknowledged even trampling the earlier agreement reached with Dr Govinda KC, not only the oppositions but also other concerns stake holders seem skepticism with the government. It is being alleged to the incumbent government and its allies, particularly its head NCP, seem desirous to encourage the confrontation in the country infuriating not only the oppositions but, to a large extent, with general public as well. The ways and style of forceful move of the ruling head NCP and the siding attitude of Speaker Krishna Bahadur Mahara will have far reaching consequences not only in the politics but also in the parliamentary system as well. Similarly, the future course of the medical education sector is also seeming confronting as not only the civil society leaders and other nonaligned forces of the country but also the medical professionals regardless of government employees have already hold up the cause of Dr. KC notwithstanding the challenge of the government. 

As Speaker Mahara showed utter disregard to the main opposition NC to facilitate the ruling parties to endorse the controversial Bill, the government head NCP has sharply been criticized for riding on the two-thirds majority in Parliament even misusing the post of Speaker. The fraught politics developed by the government with arrogance of two third majorities in the parliament would jeopardize the prospect of having to much-needed stability, prosperity and development. Being the head of the government, the NCP should have cautious and mindful of the possible consequences of working against popular aspirations of the general public. Being the head of the two third majority government, showing such a prejudice attitude to the main opposition does not suit the NCP as NC had done nothing blunder by demanding the accommodation of the concerns of Dr KC in line with the spirit of nine-point agreements the government had signed with him in July last year. Being the opposition in the parliament, the NC deserves the right to demand for not leaving out hospitals named after their leaders from federal jurisdiction. As the government had approached to Dr. KC to sign in the agreement in which Primer Oli had also promised with him to accommodate his concerns in the Bill, the government should have own up the issue. The issue would have become a concern to all including the main opposition after government, its head NCP, and the Prime Minister Oli overturned the past agreement just to fulfill the vested interests of some medical entrepreneurs.       

The main opposition Nepali Congress and others critics have been reacting the faulty attitude of the government through the streets as well as from the parliament alleging it of displaying authoritarian behavior. If the Speaker Mahara had not forgotten about the deal signed by the government with Dr KC, he should have sought commitment from the government to maintain neutrality rather than siding with the government disrespecting not only the voices of the oppositions but also the parliamentary system as well.  As Speaker Mahara comes from a party that had quite an aversion towards parliamentary system, he was entrusted with the job without fielding candidates from the opposition. He should have respected the hallowed halls of Parliament even remembering his own evolution in the post. Not only the opposition but also the lawmakers from his own party do not seem satisfied with the way and attitude of Speaker Mahara of handling the House. As Nepal has found a two thirds majority government nearly three decades later, we should not degenerate so as to become the cause of problems, but it is not meant that discussions would not require with the oppositions. Being the head of the incumbent government, Prime Minister Oli should not delay to reach out to Dr KC to save his life even realizing to the fact that he is in 16th hunger strike just demanding the implementation of past agreements.