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Sacrifice of Four Martyrs & King Tribhuwan to Restore Democracy in Nepal

Review Nepal News
  Kathmandu, Nepal      January 23 2018

Dirgha Raj Prasai


By Dirgha Raj Prasai
The Nepal government has declared the martyr's week every year- just Mag 10th to 16th in the memory of the immortal martyrs of Nepal. A strong democratic scholar Sukraraj Shastri was hanged 9th Mag 1997 Bs at Pachali,. Darma Bhakta Mathema was hanged-11th Mag at Siphal and Dasharath Chand and Gangalal were shuted by gun at Bishnumati. The autocratic rule of Rana regime lasted for 104 years. The Rana rulers had kept king Tribhuvan a captive in his palace. The Rana rulers insolently approved of all official edicts in name of the monarch. The King Tribhuvan stealthily met with democratic fighters and their secret papers were passed to the king. The king used to communicate with freedom fighters through such papers secretly. 

The king had a desire to free himself and also institutionalize democracy in the country. As we read the books written by the king’s personal nurse Ms. Erika, Ganeshman Singh, compounder Chandraman, Sidhhicharan Shrestha, Khadgaman Singh as ‘Jailma Bish Barsha (Twenty years in jail)’, we will have the idea that King Tribhuvan had not actuated the sacrifices of the martyrs would have wasted like pouring water on sand.   

Leadership is the gift of time. The time searches for leadership. It will be distrusting the history if we disregard the facts that the monarchs have ruled to protect Nepal time and again. In 1950 King Tribhuvan gambled his crown against the Rana regime for sake of democracy. After the execution of four martyrs the king led the fight for democracy. Had he not done so, would the dreams of martyrs like Sukraraj Shastri, Dharma Bhakta Mathema, Dasharath Chand, Gangalal Shrestha have come true? The king and the democratic Nepali people established democracy with a stern challenge to the Rana autocracy. 

It is a national crime to extinguish the identities that attests to the history of the nation. It had not been an easy task to establish democracy in Nepal. It was certain death to oppose the Rana regime at that vintage of time. How did king Tribhuvan surrender himself by risking his crown for democracy in 1950? It does not suit anyone to harbor prejudice against the late king’s statue at Martyr’s Gate in the capital. Wouldn’t it have taken more blood in name of democracy without the king’s support? People are witness to the fact that king Tribhuvan’s statue was vandalized by four to five people of non Nepali origin in Banepa in the name of uprising in 2006 which was imposed by Congress (I) and its RAW, using the power hungry party leaders of Nepal  In Banepa’s Tribhuvan Chowk is still popular.
Similarly, the very attractive big statue in Thankot of King Tribhuwan also vandalized. King Tribhuwan is known the father of democracy and then these statues of king Tribhuwan should be reinstated in Banepa and Thankot as soon as possible. It is the duty of the government to preserve the Dams, Temples, Gumbas, statues and idols of historical and archeological importance. If King Tribhuwan would not have there, the only sacrifice of martyrs would not have significant in establishing democracy. 

Nepal is a landlocked country of eternal beauty and attraction. It is a scenic paradise and the home of the world’s highest mountains, historic cities and the forested plains where you can find the lordly tigers and the great one- horned rhinoceros. Nepal is one of the pious in the world, a land of colorful cultures, ancient history, charming democratic people, picturesque scenery and some of the best walking on earth. It is globally known the country of Mount Everest, the highest mountain peak of the world, the land of Hindu shrine Pashupatinath and Showambhu, Birth land of Lord Buddha and so have so many Hindus and Buddha's shrines in Nepal.

So, let us not define the established democratic and religious values and norms and not distort it carelessly to serve one’s interest. The concern of the Nepalese people is complete democracy. So, let’s pay tribute to the memorial four martyrs and the king Tribhuwan.