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Deviation Of Government And Opposition From Their Respective Responsibilities
  Kathmandu, Nepal      November 30 2018


As the incumbent government failed to in every front, the people in general seem to have criticize the Nepali Congress (NC) for failing to discharge the role and responsibilities as the main opposition party in the parliament. Though the internal clash is not new for any party in Nepal including the NC, it has also been suffering from the same ailment. The recent act and activities of the NC leaders indicate that it has not learned lesion even from the disgraceful electoral drubbing even to be prepared for the next elections. The party leadership, regardless of the party chairman or other senior leaders, should apprehend the fact that factionalism rooted in the organizational set-up is the only reason of the electoral drubbing leading to the party in to the gorge. As stable government was the necessity of the country, people gave the vote to the NCP with the same expectation. But the Nepal Communist Party (NCP) Co-chair KP Sharma Oli led government failed to deliver the people and the nation. The incumbent government seems to have crushed from its own load of two third majorities in the parliament. As the incumbent government not only failed to deliver the people but seems to have deviated from its own role and responsibilities, the NC has to be a vocal to protect the right of the people. 

Not only the government allies but the opposition should comprehend that democratic systems can thrive only when there are enough checks and balances in the governance system.  As power always needs to be constantly interrogated, there should be a strong opposition. But the same thing scarce now, thanks to the deviation of the government and the waning of the main opposition party NC.  Being the grand old democratic party of the country, the NC has to discharge the role as main opposition party in a constructive manner by realizing its own proclaim that democracy will be in peril if the NC is frail. The NC should push for policies responsive to the people’s needs abandoning the internal scuffle for now.  Not only the main opposition party NC but also the government allies have to realize here that people are not felt comfortable with the ruling of the two thirds majority government though the ruling parties claim that it brought stability and did many things in the country. The government and its allies seem to have swollen with pride exacerbating   democratic culture, federalism and governance system. It has failed to control the inflation, maintaining law and order, protecting the nationalism, making the constitution more widely acceptable by amending on it, and taking the country on the path of prosperity by abandoning the petty partisan interests. Considering to the deviation of the government in each and every fronts, the NC should have come down heavily as opposition against of the government voicing the grievances of the general public. 

While criticizing the incumbent government of heading towards authoritarianism, the NC should not forget its own responsibilities as the main opposition party. As the incumbent government has already exercised two third majority strength in the parliament and the attempts are underway to include the disgruntle Madhes based parties in the government, it has continuously been disrespecting the opposition even accusing of hatching conspiracy to topple the incumbent government. There is nothing rationality on the allegation as it cannot play a role to change the government which commands more than two-thirds majority in the Parliament. Such an allegation is not only unpredictable consequences but also a major hindrance for flourishing the democracy. If the NCP leaders have any clue to prove their own allegation to the main opposition NC that it is the reactionary force and it has been trying to topple the government for jeopardizing the achievements of federalism, republican order, inclusive democracy and secularism, it has to be proved by the government and its allies immediately. As the incumbent government is the strongest one in the last more than two and a half decades with two-thirds majority in parliament, the leaders of the government allies should have a feeling of shame to blame the opposition for conspiring to topple the government. The government has no right to term a political party a reactionary force just to hide its own flaws. Being the government with two third majorities, the leadership of the incumbent government should not suffer from a fear psychosis and need to rise above of the petty partisan interest. Notwithstanding the hue and cry of the government and its allies, the NC has to enhance its role as main opposition to keep the incumbent government from being inefficient and to check corruption and other numerous erroneous.