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Artificial shortage of LPG hits hard Nepali market
  Kathmandu, Nepal      March 02 2019

Kathmandu, Nepal: As liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) bottlers stopped to collect the purchase delivery order of cooking gas from Nepal Oil Corporation, the traders have begun to hide the LPG from the market, triggering ‘shortage.’  

The LPG traders had already declared earlier protest from Friday against the government alleging it of showing unwillingness to address their demands though the law of the land bars them from halting the supply of essential goods like LPG. 

The government has done nothing not only against of the demands raised by the LPG bottlers but also to regulate the market, though the local traders have already created artificial shortage in the market. 

 LPG bottlers have a demand that the NOC has to revise their commission. The NOC has been providing commission of Rs 30.55 per cylinder to bottlers and Rs 32 per cylinder to distributors since five years.