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CIAA Eyes on Haphazard Perks
  Kathmandu, Nepal      August 24 2018


Though over exploitation of public properties is a common phenomenon in almost all the public entities, the Commission for Investigation of Abuse of Authority (CIAA), the only constitutional body responsible to check the corruption, has found just now that some government enterprises have haphazardly been distributing additional benefits to the staff and board members. 

The CIAA has on Monday asked the government to adjust such haphazardly distributed additional benefits to the staff and board members of the different public entities. Writing a letter to the Ministry of Finance, the responsible ministry for monitoring salaries, perks and additional benefits for public servants, the CIAA has asked to control the haphazardly distributed additional benefits by adjusting in the salaries.  

According to the CIAA, out of 11 public entities studied over the issue, most were founding providing their staff additional benefits other than regular salaries. It is said that staffs and members of the management committees have been receiving free benefits of the concerned public entities through the decisions of their management committees.

Among the public enterprise, only the Udayapur Cement Factory, National Trading Limited, Timber Corporation of Nepal and Nepal Food Corporation have not provided any benefits to the employees and management team, the CIAA has stated. 

However, Nepal Telecom provides free mobile, landline, and internet services to all staff and the management committee causing 560 million additional costs in the last five years to the company. Nepal Airline Corporation (NAC) has also been providing extra benefits not only to its staff but also to the retired staff and former members of the management committee. 

The Dairy Development Corporation (DDC) has been providing a liter of milk daily and one kg of ghee monthly to all the staff and member of the management committee while Nepal Water Supply Corporation (NWSC) has been providing Rs 560 monthly to all its staff and board members. 

Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA) has also been providing up to 125 units of electricity free to its all staff and board members while Hetauda Cement Factory (HCF) has also been providing six sacks of cement annually even if the staffs do not require cements.