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Fuel shortage cripples life across the country

  Kathmandu, Nepal      September 21 2018


Kathmandu, Nepal: Some fuel pumps have remained closed while serpentine queues could be seen at some refilling stations due to shortage of petroleum products across the country including in Kathmandu on Friday. 

The people have faced the shortage of fuel after fuel tanker operators started halting fuel supply since Tuesday to protest the transport-related provisions in the recently enacted Criminal Code.

A group of transport entrepreneurs including the fuel tankers have been staging protest against the provisions in the penal code that provisioned 10-year imprisonment for accidents and life imprisonment for causing death.

The Nepal Oli Corporation (NOC) has warned the fuel tanker operators that it will scrap the agreement with them if they do not resume fuel transport immediately. 

But the fuel tanker operators have turned deaf year insisting that they would not resume supply of petroleum products unless the provision scrapped.