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NOC MD Khadka faces government’s music
  Kathmandu, Nepal      September 18 2017

Gopal Bahadur Khadka

Kathmandu, Nepal: Responding to the widespread criticism, the government has dismissed the Managing Director (MD) of the Nepal Oil Corporation (NOC) Gopal Khadka for his alleged involvement in corruption. Khadka is alleged for involving in the financial irregularities while purchasing land plots in different districts to set up storage facilities across the country.
A meeting of the Council of Ministers held on Monday sacked Khadka from the NOC’s top post. According to the Minister for Supplies Shiva Kumar Mandal, he was sacked as he was embroiled in many controversies in the last two years including the recent financial irregularities while purchasing lands. 
As many evidences proved Khadka’s involvement in financial irregularities while acquiring plots of land meant for the development of petroleum storage infrastructure, the Ministry of Supplies had tabled a proposal at the Cabinet meeting to sack NOC Chief Khadka from the post. The government was highly criticized for the reluctance to take action against Khadka.  
Not only the media exposed the financial irregularities but also the different parliamentary committees had already directed the Ministry to take action against Khadka and others officials with the conclusion that financial irregularities was occurred while acquisition of land. 
Following the exposal of the irregularities, Public Accounts Committee (PAC), Commerce, Industry and Consumer Welfare Relations Committee (CICWRC) and the Good Governance and Monitoring Committee (GGMC) had investigated the irregularities even mobilizing the investigation team in the field. 
It is alleged that billions of rupees was pocketed illegally from the state coffer while purchasing plots of land at a much higher cost than the prevalent market rates.  The NOC had purchased the lands in Jhapa, Sarlahi, Chitwan and Rupandehi districts. Likewise, the NOC had also initiated process to purchase the land in other districts as well.  
 The parliamentary committees had a conclusion that the NOC had paid up to four times more for plots in these areas as compared to the government valuation of the said plots.