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Syndicate In Function: Reimbursed Or Compulsion?

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  Kathmandu, Nepal      September 29 2018


Kathmandu, Nepal: The mostly parroted so-called achievement of the incumbent government to dismantle the decade long syndicate system in the public transportation sector is being brought back into implementation.  

The transport entrepreneurs’ committees are allowed to bring back the syndicate system as usual by the government either in the pretext of managing the public transportation sector during the festivals like Dashain and Tihar or turning deaf year to implement its own decision.   

As per the earlier decision of the government, the legal existence of the transport entrepreneurs’ committees should have ended from Mid-July. But the government has not only backtracked from its earlier decision but also legitimized the transport entrepreneurs’ committees by allowing such the committees to increase the transpiration fair by 10 percent.  

The government decision to dismantle the syndicate system had begun to fall under suspicion after government permitted to run the frozen bank accounts to the executive of the different transportation committees. 

It is being suspected that hundreds of thousand rupees collected on the name of the bank accounts of the different transportation entrepreneurs’ committees would have used to buy the syndicate friendly policies.

The decision to allow running the bank accounts has aroused not only the question marks over the government’s commitment to dismantle the syndicate system but also raised the suspicion that the government would have made illicit financial deal with the transport entrepreneurs’ committees.        
Earlier on May, the government had frozen the bank accounts of all the transport entrepreneurs’ committees even publishing a public notice. But the decision was nullified with the direction of Transport Minister Ragubir Mahaseth. 

Minister Mahaseth had not only directed to prolong the date of the transport entrepreneurs’ committees to mid-December but also allowed to run all the activities of the committees including the bank accounts as usual.
The government’s decision to dismantle the syndicate system was widely praised even expecting that the newly elected government with its two third majorities would steer the country forward properly. But all these measures taken by the government did not remain longer a reality even for four months. 

It is being heard that the government is going to allow even to operate 20 year old vehicles in the pretext of managing the scarcity of public vehicles in the rural areas reversing back from the earlier decision. 

Not only the oppositions and critics but also the observers of Nepali politics have begun to raise the serious question marks that whether the incumbent Oli led government can deliver its own promises or lost its all stratagem with multiple controversies and setbacks.

The initial moves like picking some fresh and popular faces in the cabinet, maintaining balanced relations with Nepal’s immediate neighbors India and China and providing a much needed focus on governance had raised the hope that this government would be different from others in the past.

All these expectations made from the government seem to have liquefied even though six-month period would not be sufficient to a government formed for the full term. 

However, it is clear that the government has lost its ground to give a clear and substantive indication because it is slowly losing its plot as it grapples with multiple controversies and setbacks.