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Actor Rajat Kapoor apologizes for sexual harassment allegation

  Kathmandu, Nepal      October 08 2018


Bollywood film actor and filmmaker Rajat Kapoor has apologized for his alleged sexual harassment against women journalists. Responded to the allegations of sexual harassment from two women, he has apologized from twitter account stating that I would like to apologize from the bottom of heart if I had slipped and through actions or words.

Journalist Sandhya Menon had shared screenshots of her conversation with the two women where they claimed that Kapoor harassed them on phone.

One is the account of a woman journalist who said that during a telephonic interview with Kapoor in 2007, he asked her inappropriate questions such as ‘Are you as sexy as you sound?’ and even questioned her about her body measurements.

Another victim, who has worked in the past as an assistant director, said that Kapoor called her a number of times saying he wants to shoot a film with her in an “empty house”. The incident reportedly happened over 10 years ago. Responding to the claims, Kapoor tweeted, “All my life I have tried to be a decent man, to do the right thing. If however, I have slipped and through my actions or words caused pain or hurt or trauma to absolutely anybody, please accept my apology.”

He added, “I am sorry from the bottom of my heart- and sad that I was the cause of this hurt to another human being. If there is one thing more important to me than even my work, it is to be a good human being. And I have tried to be that person. And now, I will try harder.”