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*Assam Governor presents the Ustad Bismillah Khan Yuva Puraskar*

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  Kathmandu, Nepal      November 27 2017
*Guwahati, November 27 : Assam Governor Prof Jagdish Mukhi on Monday
presented the Ustad Bismillah Khan Yuva Puraskar- 2016 to 32 young
artistes of the country who have made a mark as young talents in their
respective fields of performing arts at a special award presentation
ceremony at Srimanta Sankardeva International Auditorium in Guwahati.*

*Speaking on the occasion, the Assam Governor expressed his pleasure to be
a part of the prestigious and special ceremony and said it is the universal
spirit of the artist in all of us that have gathered us here to celebrate.
Our award-winners represent the whole of India.  *

*He also said that youth is a wondrous time when dreams are lofty and
spirits are high, therefore efforts exerted in the right direction at this
age will yield proper fruit, that is, success and recognition and all round

*Citing examples from the Mahabharata , the Assam Governor said that from
the age of 16 years to 24 years are the most crucial years, the most
important years in an individual’s life where he or she crystallizes  his
or her plans for the future. *

*If one knows one’s goal well during these nine years, one can prepare a
blueprint for one’s success in the future.*

*“Our country India, since time immemorial has been a home to creativity
and the arts. We worship  Saraswati – the goddess of learning and the Arts.
Her sons are the four Vedas –Rig, Sam, Yajur and Atharva – all a treasure
trove of wisdom. So, for us, arts- be it dance, music, theatre, folk,
tribal  - all are spiritual pursuits.  It is something noble and is even
seen as a doorway to liberation or moksha,” the Assam Governor said.*

*“Almost 56% of India’s population is below the age of 35 and human
resource is our greatest asset. It is the youth of India who represent her
hopes, dreams and aspirations,” the Assam Governor said.*

*He also lauded the Great shehnai maestro Ustad Bismillah Khan Saheb, as an
extraordinaire who single handedly brought the Shehnai on the world stage.
Even after receiving the Bharat Ratna, India’s highest civilian honour and
achieving international fame he would reside in the city of Banaras for he
believed in “think global, act local”.  *

*Prof Mukhi urged on the youth to look upto the great maestro and work

*The Assam Governor congratulated the Sangeet Natak Akademi for its
tireless efforts in promoting the arts across the country. The mission,
vision and efforts to carry out  projects and programmes at such a scale
deserve our appreciation. *

*He also congratulated the awardees, their parents, Gurus and families.  *

*He also requested the awardees to repay the debt to the Gurus  by
imparting the art to a new set of disciples to carry forward the tradition
of arts of our great country.*

*It is to be mentioned that Sangeet Natak Academy is the national academy
of music, dance and drama and the first national academy of the arts set up
by the Republic of India after Independence.*

*In the field of music, eight recipients of Yuva Puraskar included Yashaswi
Sirpotdar and Koushik Aithal in Hindustani Vocal Music; Yashwant Vaishnav
in Hindustani Instrumental Music – Tabla; Abir Hossain in Hindustani
Instrumental Music – Sarod; Srikrishna Mohan and Ramkumar Mohan (Trichur
Brothers) (Joint award) in Carnatic Vocal Music; K Sai Giridhar in Carnatic
Instrumental Music – Mridangam; Ashwin Anand in Carnatic Instrumental Music

*In the field of dance, eight recipients of Yuva Puraskar are Jyotsna
Jagannathan in Bharatnatyam; Sanjukta Sinha in Kathak; Sanjenbam Karuna
Devi in Manipuri; Pasumarthi Mruthyumjaya in Kuchipudi; Shaswati Garai
Ghosh in Odissi; Usharani Baishya in Sattriya; Kalamandalam Rachitha Ravi
in Mohiniattam and Kalamandalam Krishnendu in Other Major Traditions of
Dance & Dance Theatre (Kutiyattam).*

*In the field of theatre, eight recipients are Manish Joshi in Playwriting;
Kedar Thakur and Mohit Takalkar in Direction; Neeraj Gupta and Vikrant
Sharma in Acting; Soma Das in Mime; Gagan Mishra in Allied Theatre Arts –
Lighting, and Jayachandra Varma Rekandar in Other Major Traditions of
Surabhi Theatre.*

*In the field of Traditional/Folk/Tribal Music/Dance/Theatre & Puppetry,
eight recipients are Sonia Shirsat in Traditional Music, Goa; Chainis Gill
in Folk Music, Punjab; Gurumayum Biseshwor Sharma in Thang-ta (Manipur); Ch
Ravi Kumar in Traditional Theatre – Oggukatha, Telangana; P Thilagavathi in
Traditional Theatre, Kattaikooththu, Tamil Nadu; Dushyant Kumar Dwivedi in
Pandavani, Chhattisgarh; S Gopi and Rajeev Pulavar in Puppetry.*

*Chairman of Sangeet Natak Academy Shekhar Sen, commissioner of the state
cultural affairs department Pritam Saikia,  renowned actor Pranjal Saikia
along with a host of other dignitaries were also present at the award
presentation ceremony.*

*(Reporting by Hemanta Kumar Nath)*