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Brahmaputra recedes in Arunachal, flowing full of muddy and fishes also dead, MP sends letter to PM and appeals to take over the issue seriously

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  Kathmandu, Nepal      November 27 2017
Guwahati, November 27 : Raising and fearing over possible diversion of Siang river (Brahmaputra) by China in Tibet (Tsangpo river), an Arunachal Pradesh MP has recently raised the serious issue and sent a letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi and appealed Modi to raise the issue in international forum.
Ninong Ering, Lok Sabha MP representing from Eastern Arunachal constituency had recently sent a letter to PM Modi and raising concern about sudden change in water quality of Siang river.
The Arunachal Pradesh MP said that, the water level of Siang river (Brahmaputra) is dramatically receding and it is unusual in this winter season.
“The recent report said that, the Chinese government has constructed a 1000 km long tunnel – the world’s longest - to divert the Siang river (Tsangpo in Tibet) from Sangri in Sothern Tibet to the Taklamakan desert in Xinjiang is likely to be true though the Chinese government had denied it,” Ninong Ering said.
In his letter sent to the PM on November 25 last, Ninong Ering said that, a few months back a report which was denied by the Chinese government is regard to the diverting a channel over Tsangpo (Siang/Brahmaputra) in Tibet has become an issue of concern.
“After the report the river Siang has become muddy and slushy and it is already two months that, the river Siang is black contaminated. It is unusual phenomena and reason for the river dirty is unknown. I have already put questions and also under rule 377 to be discussed in the parliament but as it was not in session. I am requesting you to use your good office to seek the reason of the river being muddy in this season where the water is crystal clear. A 600 km long tunnel is already started in the Yunnan province as a rehearsal,” Ninong Ering said in his letter.
The Arunachal Pradesh MP further said that, there is no other reason that,the mighty Siang river tributary of Brahmaputra should be dirty in the month of November, but has occurred due to heavy land excavation in the Chinese side which has to be verified by an international team to ascertain the international treaty.
“When I saw the water, it looks like cement mixed water. It is a very serious issue and the Centre must to take it seriously,” the Arunachal Pradesh MP said.
Ninong Ering said that, a large scale of fish had died in the Siang river in recent times and he got it confirmed from Tuting and Geling areas in Upper Siang district close to China border.
The Arunachal Pradesh MP also appealed the External Affairs ministry and Water Resources ministry to expedite measures to check the diversion issue.
Earlier, media reports said that, China is planning to build a 1000 km long tunnel to divert water from the Brahmaputra river (Tsangpo) in Tibet close to Arunachal Pradesh to the parched Xinjiang region.
(Reporting by Hemanta Kumar Nath)