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Milaap foundation brings crowd funding/Fund raising concept to Guwahati
  Kathmandu, Nepal      March 09 2018


Guwahati : Nearly 95% funds raised for causes from Assam on Milaap, India’s largest crowdfunding platform are for medical needs and emergencies.

With the advent of social media and the increased popularity of digital payments people are now increasingly switching to the faster, more convenient way to meet urgent, pressing needs where a larger sum of money is needed.

In fact, the platform has seen an increase of almost 4 times in the number of fundraisers set up from the state compared to the previous year.

Another interesting observation is that Assam is a pioneering state in driving online fundraisers through closely knit online groups and communities.

Almost 92% of all the fundraisers from the state are funded by individuals and groups using word of mouth on social media.

Fundraisers from Assam have collected nearly INR 1 Crore so far, for various causes: cancer care, treatment for rare medical conditions, kidney transplants or even to address local community concerns in rural areas, or in the aftermath of a disaster. During the floods of 2017, a group of volunteers raised over Rs 10 Lakh through their online fundraiser with the help of over 600 people from across the world.

The funds were used to provide immediate relief, dry ration and set up medical camps in flood affected areas. Hundreds of families received instant help from supporters around the globe within a click.

Similarly, doctors too, are now resorting to trustworthy online platforms to ensure more patients can avail quality healthcare and specialized medical facilities, undeterred by financial limitations. For example, recently Alon, a 2 year-old was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (a fast-spreading dangerous Cancer).. Pradeep Tisso, Alon’s father had retired from the army after serving the nation for 17 years. His battle was then against cancer, fighting valiantly to save his 2-year-old son. Pradeep and his wife, Deepika did everything possible, including travelling to several states in India in search of specialized medical care.

When they did find the right hospital, they were almost completely drained financially. The hospital recommended crowdfunding, and the couple managed to raise nearly Rs 7 Lakh for their child’s treatment within a couple of days. Baby Alon is now receiving Cancer treatment, thanks to the kindness of nearly 350 generous people across the globe. In a city conference today, Anoj Viswanathan, president and co-founder, Milaap said that, the very objective of online fundraising is to leverage technology to allow people to directly help another person in need.

"We have over 460 fundraisers from the North East overall. It is amazing how the digital space is bringing these communities closer, and helping people act on causes they care about. With so many people eager to help one another, all it takes is a quick, easy way to get word out, and reach the right people,” Anoj Viswanathan said.

Milaap uses modern technology like digital payments and social media to bring the best out of human empathy. With the objective to ensure a smooth, hassle-free experience for beneficiaries, who might or might not be very familiar with the digital sphere, the platform is now looking forward to collaborate with hospitals across the state as well. This would help the platform directly collect and verify any documents or information, and make the process of verification much easier.

“Today, anyone with a smartphone can mobilise help from around the globe, or help another person anywhere in the world. Working closely with the community of users, Milaap is constantly striving to bridge any gaps that prevent people from resorting to this extremely convenient and easy way to tackle emergencies,” Viswanathan adds.

If anyone wishes to set up a fundraiser for a cause they care about, they can easily set up campaigns by using the instructions below: • Visit to start a fundraiser • Send us a whatsapp message on (+91) 9916174848 or email at for guidance to set up a campaign Do read frequently asked questions at to find easy solutions and quick tips to fundraise better! About Milaap Milaap is India's leading crowdfunding platform for personal and social causes. Constantly endeavoring to make it easier for people to raise money online for the causes that matter to them, the platform enables India to raise funds for personal causes, loved ones, pets and animals, natural disasters, medical treatment, education, local charities, emergencies, natural disasters, neighborhood, sports, documentaries, volunteering and fellowships, arts, and other projects benefiting individuals or communities in need.

Milaap’s community of funders come from over 120 countries across the world and has contributed nearly Rs 300 Cr from 100,000+ projects across India. Over the last seven years, Milaap has become the preferred platform for people to raise and contribute towards causes they care about in India. is constantly working to take crowdfunding to the masses. The website has over 2.5 million page views every month, and is growing 3x yearly. The platform constantly adds new features based on user feedback to ensure a hassle-free experience. The e-mail support extends over 15 hours a day, 7 days a week, and is rendered via a dedicated team that hand-holds users through any procedure on the website.

(Reporting by Hemanta Kumar Nath)