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NSCN-K attacks Indian army camp in Arunachal Pradesh
  Kathmandu, Nepal      October 10 2017


Guwahati, October 10 : More than 40 Indian army personnel suffered heavy casualties while an armed group of Naga outfit group NSCN-K attacked at a camp of Indian army in Arunachal Pradesh's Longding district on Tuesday. 
According to the reports, a 70-member group of NSCN-K had attacked at a camp of Indian army near Nyausau in Longding district at around 1 am. 
The Naga outfit group claimed that, the Naga militant group equipped with heavy and light weaponry consisting of mortars, rockets, 40mm, explosives, grenades, machine guns, automatic weapons had attacked the Indian army camp. 
NSCN-K deputy army chief Col. Isak Sumi, MIP, NSCN/GPRN said that, in a well orchestrated offensive against Indian Army, the combined operation command of Naga Army comprising of selected fighters and specialists from various mobile units, demolition units and GHQ numbering around 70 cadres commanded by an experienced, senior Officer launched all out attack on the India Army camp located at Nyausau, Longding, Arunachal Pradesh at 1 am to 9 am lasting around 8-9 hours. 
"The Indian Army were caught totally off guard and in for a surprise. The well co-ordinated attack used mortars, rockets, 40 mm, grenades, explosives, machine guns and assorted automatic weapons all well placed and accurate landings ensured causing heavy casualties of at the least 40 Indian soldiers killed and equal or more numbers injured. The counter fire from the Indian Army were haphazard, disorganised and not at all effective thus enabling the Naga Army fighters to continue the attack for 8-9 hours well after sunrise providing our shooters to pick off the targets inside the camp at ease. There was no injury sustained or casualties on our side and our Army are now back to safe area," Isak Sumi said. 
While NSCN-K claimed heavy lost from the Indian army side during the gun fight, the Indian army claimed there were no casualties of Indian army. 
Kohima based Defence PRO Colonel Chiranjeet Konwer said, at around 1-15 am last night Niausa COB was fired upon by Under Ground cadres. 
"Just 5 to 10 rounds of ineffective small arms fire and a Lathode grenade were fired upon the post. Own alert sentries retaliated forcing the UGs to run away. The fire had to be controlled keeping in safety of the villagers in vicinity. There were no casualties and no damage to property of COB. Operations are underway against fleeing cadres. All reports being circulated on social media by these UG gps are towards creating a sensationalism and are baseless and false," the Defence PRO said. 
(Reporting by Hemanta Kumar Nath)