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Dr Govinda KC to go to his 11th fast-unto-death strike from today
  Kathmandu, Nepal      July 24 2017

Dr Govinda KC, a senior orthopedic surgeon at Tribhuvan University Teaching Hospital (TUTH), Institute of Medicine (IoM)

Kathmandu, Nepal:  Dr Govinda KC, a senior orthopedic surgeon at Tribhuvan University Teaching Hospital (TUTH), Institute of Medicine (IoM), is going stage his 11th fast-unto-death strike from today.
Dr. KC is going to stage his 11th fast-unto-death strike from today alleging the government and its concerned authorities for not fulfilling the past agreements reached with him. 
The Nepal government and the agitating Dr. KC had inked in the agreement with the commitment to fulfill his demands by setting the deadline. But the agreement reached with him remained untouched within the deadline set during the agreement reached to end his tenth hunger strike.
Reminding to the government, he had issued six day long ultimatum on May 17 to fulfill the past agreements. Though he had not staged strike at this time concerning over the scheduled local level elections.
As per the past agreements reached with Dr. KC, the government should brought the Medical Education Act, slash fees of postgraduate courses in medicine from Rs 3.1 million to Rs 2.1 million, probe the irregularities at Tribhuwan University (TU) with taking action against those involved in the misdeeds, revoke Tribhuvan University decision on medical education, appoint four assistant deans at IOM and a campus chief. 
The government should have fulfilled its own commitment not only to abide by the agreements reached with Dr. KC but also to improve the qualities in the medical sectors. Interesting fact is that the government has done nothing as per the past agreements but attempted to formulate the policies by breaching the spirits of the past agreements. 
Dr KC had staged his 10th fast-unto-death from November 13, 2016 forwarding the same demands that the government had agreed to fulfill while ending his earlier hunger strike. His 10th hunger strike was ended on December 4 after a 12-point agreement reached between the government and Dr. KC. 
As the demands forwarded by Dr. KC like enacting of the Medical Education Act, stopping the issuance of affiliation to the private medical colleges, opening at least a government medical college in each province to end the commercialization and centralizations of the medical education, checking the irregularities in the medical sectors by taking stern action against those who have involved in the fraud, is widely supported from the peoples’ level, it is likely that the government would make another commitment to end his 11th strike. 
The government can do nothing to fulfill the demands raised by Dr. KC thanks to the affiliations of the high profile politician and bureaucrats in the commercialization of the medical sector. It is likely that his 11th hunger would be ended with the same style of inking in the agreements as practices since his first strike staged about four years ago.