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49 killed, 36 missing and 17 injured due to the floods and landslides

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  Kathmandu, Nepal      August 13 2017

Kathmandu, Nepal: The flood and landslide followed by the torrential rain fall came since Friday night has claimed at least 49 people in various part of the country, particularly in the Teria districts. 
It is estimated that the death toll would be doubled as government data shows that 36 have gone missing and 17 people are injured in floods and landslides across the country. 
However, it is feared that the number of missing persons would have higher than the given figure. 
According to the Home Ministry some 35,843 houses have been inundated, 1,000 houses are damaged and 397 livestock died in the floods.
Eight people have died in Sunsari, seven in Rautahat, six each in Makwanpur and Morang, four in Sindhuli and three each in Surkhet, Banke and Jhapa districts.
Most of the settlements in the Tarai region have been inundated. Serious humanitarian crisis has emerged in the region as rescue workers have failed even to transport the daily commodities and medicines to the survivors.  
Vehicular movements along the east West Highway have been halted as roads and Bridges have damaged due to the floods. 
 As Meteorological Forecasting Division has forecasted that central and western Tarai districts would receive further heavy rainfall from Sunday evening, the people in the Terai region have been living in the fear.