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Don’t indulge on petty interests
  Kathmandu, Nepal      March 08 2018


Kathmandu, Nepal: The plan to give the Cabinet’s complete shape is being delayed on the name of bringing the Sanghiya Samajbadi Forum Nepal (SSF-N) on board. It is likely that cabinet expansion process would not complete near soon as the SSF-N has been seeking assurance of constitution amendment from the government allies- CPN UML and the CPN Maoist Center.
The SSF-N leaders have been insisting that they would decide to join the government once the left alliance inks a political agreement to amend the constitution. Interestingly, the SSF-N leaders have also been insisting that not only the demands of the SSF-N but also the entire grievances of other Madhes based political parties regarding the constitution amendment have to be committed to settle through the amend in the constitution.
Considering to the previous stands of the UML, it is likely that constitution would not be amended by fulfilling the entire conditions of the Madhes based parties including the Rastiya Janata Party Nepal (RJPN) as some demands seems to have against of the national integrity and sovereignty.
The SSF-N and the government allies would reach on the agreement if the prolific ministries were handed over to the former one as recent meeting are concentrated on division of powers in the government rather than other national interest including the amendment in the constitution.  

Speculations are riffed that the government is preparing to add some ministries just to adjust the SSF-N in the government. As the UML and the Maoist Center had already agreed to share 10 and 7 ministries respectively out of 17 ministries in the center, this would not have speculations but pragmatism as the SSF-N has demanded at least three ministries including the Ministry of foreign affairs.
The number of the ministry would also be added as Prime Minister KP Oli has already earned reputation to split the ministries even though he is Champion even to criticize in similar circumstances. It seems that over ambition of the government and its allies of garnering two third majorities in the federal parliament would have led to the idea of adding some ministries even agreeing to fulfill the unfeasible demands forwarded by the SSF-N.
This will be misfortune not only the nation but also the government allies if the ministries are added just to adjust any parties or leaders on the name of garnering two third majority of the government allies in the federal parliament. The need of the hour is strong and stable government but not splitting the ministries or amending the constitution going against of the national interests.
As the UML Chair KP Oli has comeback in the government with strong parliamentary support and left a positive signal by including some comparatively clean figure in his cabinet, general people have also an expectation that the government would not indulge on the foul game on the name of making the government strong.
The Prime Minister should not delay to give full shape his cabinet as government has to start working on a war footing on a wide range of issues including governance and implementation of the federalism. The federals states are remaining functionless due to the absence of the government employees.
This is nothing than embarrassment situation that the government has failed even to mobilize the government employees in the respective provinces. The trade unions of different political parties have been creating obstacles to depute the government employees in the provincial levels and the local unites.
We will be happy if the SSF-N is participated in the government because its participation in the incumbent government will not only make able the government with strength of  two third majorities, which would  require in the time of constitution amendment, but also send message of unity in Teria region.
There will not be a matter of worry but blissful if the constitution is also amended making it acceptable to wider section of Nepali population from mountains, hills and Tarai to uplift the backwards as claimed by the Madhes based parties. But our humble urge is here that power sharing deal should be ended immediately by limiting under the framework of the constitution and respecting the aspirations of the people.