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DPM Nidhi faces severe criticism for anti elections remarks

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  Kathmandu, Nepal      April 17 2017

Deputy Prime Minister (DPM) and Home Minister Bimalendra Nidhi

Kathmandu, Nepal: The statement of Deputy Prime Minister (DPM) and Home Minister Bimalendra Nidhi over the issue of election preparation and security arrangement during elections is highly criticized from different sectors. 
Not only the Election Commission (EC) but also the people in general have criticized Nidhi through different social Medias expressing their serious concerns over the statement of DPM Nidhi.
Nidhi had made a tweet at around 3 AM on his official twitter account on Monday stating that the EC as well as security arrangements are not sufficient for holding local polls on May 14. 
As Nidhi’s anti elections remark has come out in the mean time when the agitating Madhes based parties have announced their protest program targeting to foil the scheduled local level elections, his remark is also labeled as suspicious from different quarters.  
In the tweet message, DPM Nidhi has stated that political settlements through dialogues among the parties are must for successful elections. The remark of DPM Nidhi is criticized even labeling him as loyal to the agitating Madhes based parties and neighboring India.  
A board meeting of the EC was held on Monday just to discuss over the remarks of DPM Nidhi. The meeting has conclusion that the DMP Nidhi's statement was not true as claimed. The EC has also reiterated its commitment for conducting the local polls on time. 
The remark of DPM Nidhi is not true; we are saddened by the Home Minister's statement and the EC has been working round the clock for the local level elections, the press release issued with the sign of EC Spokesperson Surya Prasad Sharma has stated.  
As the EC has already formulated various regulations and directives related to the election, published the voters list, printing voters ID is reached at final stage and the printing of ballot papers would complete by Thursday, there is no true in the statement of DPM Nidhi, EC spokesperson Sharma has stated in the statement.
Reminding the DPM Nidhi that the security arrangement for the election is the responsibility of the government, the EC has elaborated all the works that it has done so far as part of the preparations of the scheduled local level elections.
‘The EC would like to remind that maintaining peace and security during the elections is the duty and responsibility of the government of Nepal, which has also frequently been assuring the EC over the security arrangements,’ states the press release. 
‘The twitter creates confusion among general people over the EC's activities when the EC is fully committed to hold the local level elections in a single phase, read the press release further.