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Fifth EPG meeting concludes here in Kathmandu without any tangible results
  Kathmandu, Nepal      October 09 2017

The fifth meeting of the Nepal-India Eminent Persons Group (EPG) in Kathmandu, on October 7, 2017. Photo: RSS

Kathmandu, Nepal: The fifth meeting of the Eminent Persons Group (EPG) on Nepal-India relations concluded here in Kathmandu on Sunday without any tangible results. 
Continuing the traditions, the EPG from the Nepali sides raised the issue of amending on the 1950 Nepal-India Treaty. But, nothing decision is made thanks to the reluctance from the EPG from Indian side. 
We have said that things would not be the same as far as the 1950 Nepal-India Treaty,  Bhekh Bahadur Thapa, coordinator of the EPG from the Nepali side.
But he did not elaborated that what will be changed and when will be changed in the 1950 Nepal-India Treaty even though the fifth rounds of EPG meetings have already concluded without any tangible results.