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Government to introduce National Medical Education Bill in the parliament today!
  Kathmandu, Nepal      July 12 2018


Kathmandu, Nepal: Notwithstanding the widespread condemnation and strike, the government is preparing to present the controversial National Medical Education Bill in the House of Representatives on today. 

As the bill was registered in the Federal Parliament Secretariat on July 6 without correcting on the draft present earlier as the ordinance, not only the main opposition party- Nepali Congress -but also the entire health sectors are protesting the Bill.

The government is going to present the bill at a time when the health condition of Dr Govinda KC, who has been on hunger strike in Jumla against the Bill for the last 13 days, is worsening. 

Notwithstanding the deteriorating health condition, Dr. KC has been insisting that he will continue his hunger strike unless recommendations made by the Kedar Bhata Matehma led commission’s reports is addressed through the amendment in the draft Bill.  

It is likely that government’s attitude to move forward without addressing the demands raised by Dr. KC would invite severe consequence in the country, particularly in the medical sector, as medical professions across the country have already begun to protest in favor of the demand of Dr. KC.  
Reliable source close to the Nepal Communist Party (NCP), the Minister for Education, Health and Technology Giriraj Mani Pokharel is going to introduce the bill in the parliament on Thursday despite the protest from the different sectors.  

It is said that Minister Pokhrel was forced to introduce the bill in the parliament by his own party NCP, which is also the head of the incumbent government, and the Prime Minister KP Oli too.  

The main opposition Nepali Congress had obstructed the meeting of the parliament on Sunday demanding discussion on the proposal of public importance on the demands of Dr KC. It is likely that the NC would continue its protest in the parliament if the Bill was introduced without any corrections.
As the incumbent government has the strength of two third majorities in the parliament, it is likely that to be introduced bill would be passed forcefully from the parliament amidst the protest from the main opposition Nepali Congress. 

The image of the incumbent government, particularly the Prime Minister Oli’s is being tarnished due to some act and activities including the recent one controversial National Medical Education Bill. 

It is being alleged that the government is influenced from the medial mafias associated in the party.