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Ideological Differences Surface In The Ruling Head NCP
  Kathmandu, Nepal      June 22 2019


Kathmandu, Nepal, June 23, 2019: Ideological differences surfaced in the ruling head Nepal Communist Party (NCP) have triggered a serious question mark to end the unit process of the party. 

As the recent differences emerged over the issue of ideology and guiding principle of the party visibly surfaced in the party, party's co-chairmen KP Sharma Oli and Pushpa Kamal Dahal have been entrusted with the responsibility of finalizing the party's ideology and guiding principle. 

The newly formed NCP has indulged on the unnecessary debate of ideological differences in the mean time when there is a widespread suspicion that the ruling head NCP would face split before ending of the unity process, thanks to the differences on ranges of issues including the issue of rotational system of the Premiership. 

As Dahal raised the issue of rotational system of Premiership as per the agreement made earlier during the unity of the party, it is suspected that the issue of ideology and guiding principle of the party is directly linked to the change of the government, the critics have said.  

Following the Dahal’s claim for the post of Prime Minister, the leaders from the previous UML, particularly those who are loyal to co- chair and Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli, have begun to advocate of the People's Multiparty Democracy as propounded by the late Madan Bhandari.

The previous Maoist has taken the claim as a poly not to implement the previous agreement. Since the then UML and CPN Maoist Center agreed to merge into one NCP, there was an understanding that the party's guiding principle would be finalized afterwards. 

The Previous CPN Maoist Center wants to give credit the People’s war as it was guiding with the principle of People's Democracy of 21st Century and Maoism.