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Mother’s day is being marked with much fanfare in Nepal
  Kathmandu, Nepal      April 16 2018


Kathmandu, Nepal: Matatirtha Aunsi, which is also used to as mother’s day (Aamako mukh herne din) is being marked across the country in Nepal on Monday.  

The new moon day of Baishakh (first month of Nepali calendar) is celebrated as the mother’s day (Aamako mukh herne din) in Nepal. The day is special as it is used to celebrate to honor the mother and motherhood. 

To mark the day, people used to offer sweets, clothes, and other valuable gifts to their mother. And, those who do not have their own mother used to visit holy places like Matatirtha Temple, which is located in Chandragiri Municipality of Kathmandu. 

Thousands of hundreds Hindu pilgrims have thronged in Mathatirtha to offer their homage to the mother. The people, who would not able to meet, make a call or visit the Temple, used to remember to their mother in the day.