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Nepali Congress slams the white paper terming it as exaggerated, fabricated and politically motivated document
  Kathmandu, Nepal      April 09 2018

Kathmandu, Nepal: Nepali Congress (NC) has lambasted ‘white paper’ issued by the government terming it as politically motivated, exaggerated and fabricated.  

The government is trying to enforce the election agendas through the white paper, as the white paper it is not only intended to blame the previous government through the false statement but also intended to fulfill the vested interests through the propagandas motivated from the communist ideology, the Nepali congress has said. 

The Nepali Congress, the main opposition party in the federal parliament, has officially slammed the white paper by organizing a press meet on Monday. The Nepali Congress has made public the official views against of the white paper in the mean time when the government seems to have headed ignoring all the budgets allocated for the long term projects by the previous government.  

As the government has been claiming to establish the economic prosperity through its activities from zero level forgetting the economic achievement gained by the erstwhile governments, this is full  of evident to term that the incumbent government is motivated with the partisan interest, the Nepali Congress has said. 

While directing to the government officials, finance minister had instructed to chalk out the budgetary programs on the basis of zero label even disregarding the previous budget and programs. The remark is condemned not only the Nepali Congress but also from others as the government seems to have ignored even the long term national pride projects run by the government.   

During the press conference, NC spokesperson Bishwa Prakash Sharma flayed government particularly the white paper issued by finance minister. Sharma termed the white paper as exaggerated, fabricated and politically motivated document.  The white paper has deluded the public with misleading and baseless information about the country’s economy, Sharma ha said in the press conference.