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Oli-Dahal sit again to settle widening differences
  Kathmandu, Nepal      February 12 2018


Kathmandu, Nepal; CPN UML Chairman KP Sharma Oli and the CPN Maoist Center Chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal are holding a ‘decisive’ meeting on Monday with the aim to end the outstanding issues related to the party unification and the government formation. 

It is said that the top leaders of the two major communist parties are meeting at a house at Lalitpur from early morning on Monday with the aim to find out the amicable solutions ending the widening differences. 

Though the two parties had formed electoral alliance in the recently held provincial assembly and federal assembly election on the name of leftist alliance even agreeing to unify the two parties before formation of the new government, differences on ranges of issues particularly the issue of leadership of to be united party has jeopardize the unity process even threading the prospect of forming the leftist government. 

It is said that both the top leaders will settle the issue today.  However, it is likely that the top leaders of the two parties would not be able to settle the entire issues seem on the issue of power sharing among the leaders from both the parties. 

The Maoist Centre has been demanding that its chairman Dahal should be responsibility as Party Chairperson of to be united party if UML Chair Oli is to be the Prime minister of to be formed new government. However, the UML leaders including Oli are not willing to accept Dahal as the chairperson of the united party. It is said that Oi is willing to take the post of party chairman along with the post of Prime Minister. 

It is said that UML has proposed Dahal as co-chair. But the Maoist Centre has abruptly rejected the proposal even threatening that it would backtrack from the party unity if UML do not abide the previous agreement. The Maoist Center has a claim that both the parties had agreed to share the top posts while forging electoral alliances. 

The Maoist Center has a claim that the post of Prime Minister and the chairman of the united party will be shared among the two Chairmen- Oli of UML and Dahal of Maoist Center.