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PHSC failed at again to endorse the name of Deepak Raj Joshee as the new chief justice
  Kathmandu, Nepal      August 01 2018


Kathmandu, Nepal: Parliamentary Hearing Special Committee (PHSC) held at Singha Durbar on Wednesday has yet again failed to decide the fate of acting Chief Justice Deepak Raj Joshee as the new chief justice of the country.

The meeting has been postponed for Friday with the motive to forge consensus among the members of the PHSC.  The members of the parliament have divided on whether or not to endorse Joshee as the new CJ of the country. 

It is likely that the PHSC would not endorse Joshee’s name in the post of the Chief Justice as the government head Nepal Communist Party have stood against the idea to endorse him as the Chief Justice.