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PM Oli’s agreement with India is being examined in Nepal
  Kathmandu, Nepal      April 14 2018


Prime Minister KP Oli has returned home after concluding a three-day state visit to India claiming that his maiden visit to northern neighbor became fruitful to achieve the desired goals. Foreign Minister Gyawali has also described the Primer Oli’s India visit as historic visit claiming that the visit had taken Nepal-India relations to a new height. The UML led incumbent government, would have euphoric from the India visit as Indian side particularly the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi showed a gesture to mend the historic ties between Nepal and India. As the relationship between Nepal and India was soured during the first tenure of Primer Oli, the desired goal of all Nepalese was nothing than mending the relationship between the neighboring countries. With intent to make clear Primer Oli had said upon his arrival that India welcomed Nepal’s democratic values. The statement of Primer Oli was intended to give a message that emergence of the leftist in Nepal would not be a matter of headache to the India as there is a general perceptions that India does not want to cooperate the leftist force particularly the incumbent UML Chair Oli led government. Friendly relationship between Nepal and India is the only desire of all Nepalese and well-wishers because of geo-political situations interrelated between the neighboring countries. 

As bilateral relationship between the neighboring countries had reached at a historic low point during the first tenure of Oli as Prime Minister in 2015, it might be too early to cast any perception whether the visit will help in cementing the bilateral ties as claimed by the Prime Minister Oli or it will be limited just an addition to ritual junkets of Nepali Prime Ministers. Following the India visit, the government, particularly the Primer Oli has repeatedly been claiming that his visit became success to make an agreement to link Nepal with India with railway line and waterway navigations. According to him, his Indian counterpart Modi has agreed to give Nepal an increased access to sea through inland waterways and develop an electrified railway line to connect Kathmandu with Raxual of Bihar. Such connectivity between Nepal and India will certainly be an important step forward in increasing connectivity between the two neighboring countries. If the dreamt plan comes into implementations, not only the relations between people-to-people will be enhanced but also the economic growth will be accelerated. But the widely raised question is about the gentility of the so-called agreement. 

This would be too early to cast suspicions or label blames suspecting over the so-called agreement made by primer oli with India but concerned experts have used to criticize the visit for failing to raise the agendas of national importance during the bilateral discussions. Though the government has termed the visit as of historic one, the critics have termed that the visit of Oli was not different from past India visits of previous prime ministers who used to visit India first as Oli did. As the so-called agreement of waterway and railway link was not mentioned in the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) signed following a meeting between Oli and Indian Prime Minister Modi, there is sufficient space to cast suspicions over the fate of implementations. There s no doubt that we will extend our heartened salute to the government if the agreement comes into implementations. We do believe that the government would not have distributed the false dreamt and the India would not have supported to the Nepali Primer Oli to make just to propaganda or to give a counter to the northern neighbor China.  As China had already agreed to construct railway connecting Keirung of Tibet with Kathmandu, Pokhara and Lumbini, the people in general have cautiously been watching about the authenticity of the so-called agreement.