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What’s cooking on in Nepal before PM Deuba’s state visit to India?
  Kathmandu, Nepal      August 06 2017

Kathmandu, Nepal: Embarking state visit to India rightly after appointing as Prime Minister (PM) in Nepal is developed as an established culture in Nepal. Continuing the tradition, PM Sher Bahadur Deuba is also going for state visit to India. 
As embarking the state visit to India is a common phenomenon in the context of Nepal, the people in general do not care much to such a visit. But to be held state visit of PM Deuba to India it taken importantly from different sectors, particularly in the diplomatic levels. 
Though exact date is not disclosed yet, it is likely that PM Deuba would embark on a five-day state visit to India on third week of August at the invitation of his Indian counterpart Narendra Modi. It is said that officials from both the countries are making necessary preparations to fix the date and agendas to make success the visit.
However, Nepali officials have said that Prime Minister Deuba would not sign in any important agreements during his upcoming state visit to India. According to the officials at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA),  PM Deuba’s visit to India will focus just on the issues of implementing the past accords that were already signed between the two countries. 
As many commitments made by Indian on the name of supporting Nepal are not reflected in the practice, PM Deuba would also raise the issue during his visit to India; the officials at MoFA said preferring anonymity. 
According to the MoFA officials, not only the accords signed in the past by Prime by PM Deuba himself in the capacity of Prime Minister and the commitments made for support during the devastating earthquake are also not fulfilled by the India. 
Though the upcoming state visit of PM Deuba is not taken importantly in Nepal, it seems that northern neighbor China has viewed the visit ‘importantly’. According to the officials at Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA) Chinese vice Premier Wang Yang is arriving here in Nepal on a four-day official visit on August 14. 
As Chinese vice premier Wang, who is considered as one of the main point men in the Communist Party of China (CPC), his scheduled visit to Nepal is taken importantly in the diplomatic level as it is going to happen just about a week ahead of Prime Minister Deuba’s scheduled state visit to India.
Though, it would be coincidence, another interesting fact is that Indian Foreign Minister Susma Swaraj is also arriving in Nepal on August 10 to take part in the meeting of the Bay of Bengal Initiative for Multi-Sectoral Technical and Economic Cooperation (BIMSTEC), which is being commenced on August 10 in Kathmandu. 
The diplomats in Nepal have do not agree to term that the Chinese vice premier Wang and Indian Foreign Minister Swaraj scheduled visit to Nepal just ahead of Prime Minister Deuba’s state visit to India is merely a coincidence. 
As high ranking politicians from both the countries are coming here in Nepal, it is obvious that discussions will be held on bilateral and trilateral issues, which would influence the scheduled state visit of PM Deuba to India, an official at the MoFA said preferring anonymity. 
It is said that Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Foreign Affairs Krishna Bahadur Mahara is going to visit China just after Deuba’s India visit. 
India has raised concerns over the issue of framework agreement on the Belt and Road Initiative signed between Nepal, China and other Asian countries.
It is said that Chinese vice premier Wang’s scheduled visit to Nepal would focus on implementation of the understanding reached between Nepal and China. 
As Wang is considered as a well known Nepal hand in the Chinese establishment, his visit to India is taken importantly even in the diplomatic levels.