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Encourage indigenous language in primary education : Arunachal Pradesh governor tells teachers
  Kathmandu, Nepal      May 05 2017
Guwahati : Arunachal Pradesh governor P.B. Acharya on Thursday called upon the teachers, particularly those tutors at primary levels to use and promote indigenous languages. 
He said that the children at young age are more comfortable in inculcating knowledge in their mother tongue. It is the first identity of an individual. 
Therefore efforts should be made to encourage indigenous language, the governor emphasised while interacting with Balwadi teachers from different parts of the State.
The governor along with the First Lady of the State Smt Kavita Acharya exhorted the ladies working in Balwadis to reach out to the children in rural areas.  
They also advised them to instill discipline and moral values amongst the students and also strengthen their cultural heritage.
After giving them a patient hearing to their works and challenges, they first couple of the State assured their best to address their needs.
Arunachal Vikas Parishad State Office Secretary Nibaran Mahata, who accompanied more than 70 Balwadi teachers to the meeting, informed that Arunachal Vikas Parishad, an NGO is running a chain of Balwadis throughout the State with the sole objective of imbibing cultural and moral values at the very tender age of thechildren.
Arunachal Vikas Parishad Education In-charge Sharad Ansingka informed that at present there are 42 Balwadis in 13 districts. 
The main special features of the these education centres are that it emphases on all round development of children through innovative teaching technique, multi-dimensional but an integrated approach while dealing with the children and play-way method of teaching to make the children understand in a better way.  
Education based on Bharatiya culture with a fine blend of local culture & social values and extension programme to the villages by setting up Bal Vikas Kendra, Sports Centres, and Yoga Centres etc. are also carried out. Constant parent-teacher contacts through home visits, Parent's meetings are regularly conducted. 
(Reporting by Hemanta Kumar Nath)