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Ghode Jatra is Being Marked Today
  Kathmandu, Nepal      April 05 2019


Kathmandu, Nepal, April 5, 2019:  Ghode Jatra, an annual traditional festival of Nepal that used to mark popularly in Kathmandu valley, is being celebrated today. 

As per the mythology, the festival was begun to celebrate after the death of a demon named Tundi that used to live in and around the meadow, which is now at Tundikhel. 

There is a popular belief that as the demon used to unleash terror among the Kathmandu denizens, particularly children, the people begun to celebrate the festival by rejoicing with dance on his body by riding on horses after the death of demon.

As “Ghode Jatra” simply translates to “Horse Parade” in Nepali. The Nepal Army used to mark by organizing horse racing in Tundikhel of Kathmandu in the presence of VVIPs. 

The Newar community in Kathmandu valley used to celebrate the Ghode Jatra festival as one of the major festival. The government has announced public holyday to make special the day.