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Nepal’s Economy Likely To Be Coronafied

March 27 2020
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One of the countries that has been badly affected by the Coronavirus Covid-19 is Nepal. Though Nepal does not figure anywhere near other countries in terms of incidence of suspected cases, its economy — that depends mainly on the tourism and h

CoronaVirus: Time for Global Unity

March 13 2020
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We are living in times where people throughout the world are divided. And yet, regardless of political persuasion, there are certain points of agreement: corruption in many governments has reached unprecedented levels; ethics and integrity have

International Women’s Day 2020 #EachforEqual

March 11 2020
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As she struggled to get her wailing three-year old into her school clothes, Saraswati heard the milk hiss away in the kitchen. She frantically looked up towards her husband, who was busy watching the morning news on his mobile. He looked back

How Mount Everest became a multimillion-dollar business

February 27 2020
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It is said that from the 29,029-foot summit of Mount Everest, you can see the curvature of the Earth. But for the hundreds of climbers who vie to scale it, there’s another curve at play: that of supply and demand. In a relatively short peri

Stalled Justice Process In Nepal

February 04 2020
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On January 23, 2020, the newly appointed office bearers of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) and the Commission of Investigation on Enforced Disappeared Persons (CIEDP) took oath of office and secrecy in a programme organised at the

NC Should Regain Its Lost Strength

January 30 2020
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The month long dispute engulfed in the main opposition Nepali Congress (NC) has come into end now after leaders of the party agreed to move ahead in a unified manner by forging consensus on all the disputed issues including the recent on frictio

Journey To Transformation

January 17 2020
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When we hear about the Landmark Forum, it signifies and strikes, that an International educational organization which focus on individuals towards positive thinking and implementing it in a practical life. Landmark is an international, personal

When Life Imitates Art

January 16 2020
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The movie Wag the Dog was released a generation ago, one month before a presidential scandal which invited comparisons between that film and the reality of that time. Now, 23 years later, we find ourselves in the midst of yet another presidentia

Don’t make the parliament functionless

January 14 2020
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The Lower House of the federal Parliament has been remained functionless since three months due to the differences within the ruling head Nepal Communist Party (NCP) over the issue of picking candidate for the post of Speaker. The parliamentary

Nepal’s Road-Building Spree Pushes into the Heart of the Himalayas

January 13 2020
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The Manaslu Conservation Area in the Himalayan Mountains of north-central Nepal is a 642-square-mile protected area that has yet to be connected by road to the outside world. The route for trekkers, opened more than two decades ago, follows a de

Pay Attention While Marking the Visit Nepal Year 2020

January 01 2020
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With the onset of 2020, Nepal is going to launch an ambitious tourism campaign ‘Visit Nepal Year 2020’ with the aim to welcome two million international tourists. As the theme of the visit Nepal year 2020 is fixed as ‘lifetime experience,

King Mahendra and Nepalese Nationalism

December 16 2019
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In Nepal, 2017 BS 1st Poush is unforgettable. What the then king Mahendra did on 1 Poush 2017 (15 December 1960) for prosperity of prosperous, sovereign Nepal and Nepalese is immortal in the history of nationalism. The memorial King Mahendra was

Mountains matter for youth

December 12 2019
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There is a great divide between the youth in the mountains and those in the plains. Even skilled and educated mountain youth have fewer opportunities to earn a decent standard of living, largely because of the difficult mountain terrain and clim

Nepal the Negotiator: Kathmandu Has a Key Role to Play in the Indo-Pacific Region

December 12 2019
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Recently, Chinese president Xi Jinping made his state visit to Nepal. During the visit, China and Nepal signed twenty agreements from connectivity to security and Beijing promised around $500 million in economic grants to Nepal. Further, China r

‘India can be a natural ally to Kurdish nation’

December 01 2019
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Guwahati: A vivid followers of various religions, linguistic communities, tribes etc, India can be a natural ally to the Kurdish nation as it also supports various religious faiths including Islam (both Shia and Sunni sects), Christianity, Juda