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The China-India-US Triangle: Changing Balance of Power and a New Cold War

September 21 2020
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China’s ascent to great power status during the last 30 years has altered the power equation that had existed in the 1990s between China and India and China and the United States (US). In 1990, China’s GDP of US$ 360 billion was roughly equivale

Anatomy of a Crisis: Why the China-India Border Standoff Is Cause for Concern

September 13 2020
Review Nepal

In June 2020, reports of a serious military clash involving India and China, one that led to the death of at least twenty Indian soldiers came as a shock to the international community. While journalists raised concerns over incursions from the

China-India Standoff & the Emerging World order

September 10 2020
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The Recent showdown between People’s Liberation Army and Indian Army has escalated the situation in Galwan valley along the Line of Actual Control (LAC) Between China and India. The unarmed fight resulted in the killing of 20 Indian Soldiers wh

Enhancing agriculture potential in developing countries during the COVID-19 crisis

September 10 2020
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Much of the displaced labor force from urban centers is moving back to rural homes due to closures from restrictions put in place to combat the coronavirus disease (COVID-19). It is important that this displaced labor force is put in a working e

Government should not isolate from the responsibilities

August 27 2020
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The country has plunged into another phase of lockdown though it is named differently as restrictions after coronavirus infection spread in the community level. Though the restriction or prohibited order is now imposed in 44 districts including

Challenging Times for Police

August 18 2020
Review Nepal

We are currently living through unprecedented times of epic proportions. Against the backdrop of a deadly relentless pandemic and its resulting economic and societal collapse, cities worldwide are under siege from the backlash of peaceful protes

Barefoot doctor 2.0: Making it happen

August 07 2020
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Over 50 years ago, a pioneering medical system was launched in the People’s Republic of China (PRC). Known as the “barefoot doctors” scheme, the program liberalized healthcare beyond doctors and allowed some 1.5 million community health workers

Rare diseases in Asia and the Pacific must be tackled too

August 01 2020
Review Nepal

Unlike the coronavirus disease (COVID-19), few people will have heard of the rare disease Epidermolysis Bullosa (EB). It is an inherited genetic condition that affects the skin and can be fatal during infancy or early childhood for those sufferi

Kitchen Gardens in the Wealthy West, a COVID Hobby: in Nepal, a Way out of Poverty and Social Exclusion

July 28 2020
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Since the coronavirus hit, households in developed countries have been planting kitchen gardens. For some, this provides necessary food in the face of economic upheaval. But for most, it's a pleasant way to spend time while confined to home.

How border disputes in the Himalayas are affecting climate research

July 20 2020
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In late April, environment ministers from eight countries of the Hindu Kush Himalayan region were supposed to gather for a rare meeting in Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal. They were due to discuss cooperation and science-based policymaking in th

A new dimension in South Asian regional politics after the US-Taliban treaty

July 13 2020
Review Nepal

World media is still shy to lament the United State's debacle in Afghanistan. The epidemic Covid-19 becomes pandemic, where Taliban regaining power in Afghanistan will become catalytic endemic in south Asian regional politics. On 29 February 202

Covid-19: The job crisis is deepening globally!

July 10 2020
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The coronavirus pandemic has made a severe worsening situation on the jobs market globally, especially in developing countries. The situation is direr than we anticipated. According to the International Labor Organization(ILO) that by the mid-ye

Himalayan blunders

July 08 2020
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In May 2020, Beijing intruded into Indian territory at some places across the long border and Kathmandu claimed areas of Uttarakhand where India is building a road to Lipulekh Pass on the Tibetan border to smoothen the journey for pilgrims to th

India-China territorial dispute

July 04 2020
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When people around the world are preoccupied with confronting intractable Covid-19, the troops of India and China had a violent clash in Galwan valley, Ladakh in the Himalayas on June 15. New Delhi reported that its military lost 20 soldiers inc

Has 'Big Brother' India failed to perceive the people's voice?

June 30 2020
Review Nepal

India and China, the two nuclear-armed Asian giants were in a significant escalation of a weeks-long standoff at Galwan valley in the western Himalayas. Nepalese people are becoming furious with India as regards transgression of borders demarcat