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Indra Jatra, Kumari & the King Prithvi Narayan Shah

September 19 2021
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The glorious Indra Jatra, this year, is being celebrated enthusiastically in Kathmandu on 3rd Ashoj 2078 BS ( 19th September 21021). In history, Bhadra 1825 BS, the golden day of Indra Jatra, King Prithvi Narayan Shah concurred greater Nepal an

Supporting the creative economy for sustainable development in Southeast Asia September 2021

September 06 2021
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Many efforts have been made in Southeast Asia to support creative industries and boost the creative economy, realizing the ability of knowledge-based economic activities to foster income generation, job creation, and export earnings while promot

Lessons for the informal sector from COVID-19

August 20 2021
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The informal sector, which employs over 62% of the global population, is a fundamental source of livelihood for over 2 billion people (ILO 2020). Here, “employment” includes self-employment, and the informal sector refers to the part of the econ

Leaders under Examinations

August 17 2021
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The ruling Nepali Congress (NC) has published its calendar of events to hold its 14th general convention in the midst of the spiking number of coronavirus infection cases throughput the country including in Kathmandu valley and the internal diff

How and When Discriminatory Trend Eradicates in Nepal?

August 15 2021
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Talks have been held in Nepal from all quarters to end the trend of discrimination (unsociability) on ethnic terms. There are no discriminations in cabinet, parliament, government offices, industries, organizations, meetings-assemblies, educatio

'Lord Shiva'-Worshiping Shawan Monday

July 17 2021
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According to the Hindu Mythology, Lord Shiva (Pashupatinath) spent his most of his time on the top of the holy mount Kailas Mansharobar, practicing Yogic austere, joy and love with his divine consort Parbati (mother of mythology), The Lake Mansa

Iran: Reshaping the regional politics in the Middle East.

July 01 2021
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Iranian President-Elect Ebrahim Raisi is the only President who was under sanction before the election by the US. He has got 48.8% vote of ever lowest turnout in presidential poll'21 since 1979 Islamic Revolution Movement and become the 8th pres

Community Resilience is a Beacon of Hope

June 26 2021
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Last week, heavy rains hit Nepal and the Sindhupalchok District was devastated. Flooding has been unprecedented. Homes, bridges and livestock were swept away. Many of those who have lost homes are sleeping in community centers. While masks a

Taxation and digitalization in the COVID-19 era

May 26 2021
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The coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic has created challenges for tax administrations and is constraining tax revenue in many countries. Its impacts have caused the global economy to slow down, leading to reduced tax collection. However, th

Lord Buddha & Buddhism in All Over The world

May 25 2021
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May 26th 2021 is the 2565th memorial Birth Day of the Lord Buddha. Gautam Buddha was born in Lumbini in the 6th century BC in mid Tarai, Nepal. Nepal has been a pious and holy land for all Buddhists as well as all kinds of religious men and wom

Climate change impacts in Asia are all essentially a water story

May 22 2021
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Global climate change caused by human activities will continue to be catastrophic for humanity. In particular, climate change is having serious impacts on the world’s water systems (United Nations 2020), and changes in these systems can have an

Bangladesh: Hefazat-e-Islam and militancy.

May 12 2021
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Hefazat-e-Islam(HI) in Bangladesh was established in 2010 as a countermeasure to thwart the enactment of the Women's Development Policy Bill that proposed equal inheritance rights to women. Hefazat-e-Islam, which means"protector of Islam" claims

Mozambique: Looking to its Past for Lasting Peace

April 10 2021
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The government of Mozambique has taken many approaches to end conflict and encourage economic development in the past fifty years. Colonial independence, nationalization, villagization, and Marxism were all tried, with accompanying political uph

Bikram Sambat in Nepal: A Retrospect

April 10 2021
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Bikram Sambat is the glory of Nepal. We the Nepalese people are lucky because Nepal was never captured by foreign imperialists. The continual practice of Bikram Sambat in Nepal is powerful proof against imperialists’ attempt to hold Nepal. Bikra

Transitioningre to high-value agriculture through cluster-based development

April 06 2021
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Income growth, urbanization, nutritional awareness, and supermarket revolutions in Asia are fueling demand for high-value agricultural products (HVPs), such as vegetables and fruits. This change in consumer demand can provide new agri-food marke