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Comprehensive plan and policy needed to combat sexual violence
  Kathmandu, Nepal      October 07 2018

The government has announced to ban online pornography with the aim to combat sexual violence like rape and murder against woman. Following the decision, about sixteen thousand online pornography sites have also been blocked.  The sweeping ban on all forms of pornography is being implemented as of the government’s effort to tackle the prevailing problems of sexual violence against woman. However, the move taken by the government to combat the prevailing sexual violence through the means of banning the pornography is itself a ridiculous even though the initiation taken by the government on the name of protecting ours’ mothers, sisters and daughters from such a heinous crime like rape, murder, acid attacks and others have to be praised. The government seems to have wake-up from the heat waves of protests launched at all levels over rape and murder of a 13-year-old school going girl Nirmala Pant of Bhimdatta municipality of Kanchanpur district on July 27. Likewise, another 10-year-old girl Sreya BK was raped and choked to death just few days ago at tourist city Pokhara in the mean time when the government has failed even to identify the culprit(s) of the previous crime. Similarly, teenage sisters-Samjhana Das, 18, and her sister Susmita, 15, of Rautahat  and a 27 year old married woman Basanti Pariyar of Kawasoti Municipality-16, Nawalparasi were attacked with acid by their neighbors for their denial of love. Samjhana has already lost her battle for life while her sister Susmita and Pariyar are struggling for life at hospitals’ bed.  

The decision taken by the government to ban the pornography seems to have followed the footstep of the Indian government. Neighboring India had enacted a pornography ban in 2015 with the similar reason of combating growing sexual violence against woman. But the decision was lifted latter. While giving example of neighboring India, it is not meant that we are advocating in favor of pornography sites. But our concern is that banning pornography sites would not enough to combat the crimes including the sexual violence. The thing to realize is here that not only the pornography sites but hundreds of thousand bizarre sites and channels are destroying not only our social as well as cultural values and norms but also fueling to criminalize the society. While banning the pornography sites, all the bizarre sites and channels have to be banned if the government was desirous to mention integrity in the society. As the government has become failure even to arrest the culprit(s) of the rape and murder case of Nirmala during three months, the decision would have nothing than merely a diversionary tactic to hide the government’s incompetence in prosecuting rapists. 

The government has begun treat as enemies and conspirator to those who raise voice either for the justice to the victims or other misdemeanors of the government. The government has to come with the realization that the father and mother of Nrmala including others, who have raised voices in favor of justice, have done nothing crime by raising demand to arrest the culprit(s). The government has to realize first to get rid from such a misconception even if it was desirous to run for the full term. Considering to the alarming situation that number of rape cases have increased by four-fold in the past ten years, the government has to formulate comprehensive plans and policies rather than indulging on merely a diversionary tactic to hide the government’s incompetence in prosecuting rapists. The government has to come up with strict laws to regulate the sale and distribution of acid as acid is easily available in market for just Rs 120 a bottle. The better approach to combat the social crimes including the sexual violence would rather be empowering people with necessary strict and prompt measures against the accused with strong commitment to end the culture of impunity.