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Demolish Of Structures At Khula Manch Would Not Sufficient
  Kathmandu, Nepal      May 04 2019

Following the widespread criticism, the government has demolished the structures constructed at Khula Manch, the only open theater that locates at the heart of the Kathmandu. It is astonishing that the authorities including the Kathmandu Metropolitan City came to know that public land that locates under the nose of Metropolitan city is grabbed by an individual contractor for the commercial purpose only after protests and media reports. The illegal structures are demolished in the mean time when the poor people had already paid about Rs1 million to book 52 structures from the Jaleshwor Swachhanda Bkoi Builders. It is said that 50 shutters out of the 52 were already leased by the builders. As these all were made after getting approval from the Kathmandu Metropolitan City, how the general public can believe that the authorities were clueless that the structures were being constructed illegally at the Khula Manch. The statement of Mayor Bidhya Sndar Shakya is nothing than a matter of shame that he got notice just from the news report and protest.
The record mentioned at the Kathmandu Metropolitan City states that the controversial builders had signed an agreement with the Metropolitan city to build a 29-storey view tower at the Old Bus Park on May 6, 2016. With the decision, the bus park had been temporarily shifted to Khula Manch, which is itself a dire matter of shame to the elected government. As the Khula Manch, which has spread over 48 ropanis of land, witnessed even the latest one People’s Movement II in 2006 to speak and amass for the change, it should not have allowed for the bus park purpose. Considering to the historic values of the Khula Manch, the Metropolitan city should not have allowed the builders to construct the structures. Another question is here that how the builders dared alone to install 52 illegal structures using corrugated sheets and charged heavy sums to lease them out illegally since the Metropolitan City had given authority just to install two temporary rest rooms, one structure for traffic police, two temporary ticket counters, one temporary pharmacy and a canteen at Khula Manch. There are clear indications that the officials at the Kathmandu Metropolitan City are involved in the encroachment.  
Following the expose of the controversies mayor Shakya and his deputy Hari Prabha Khadgi have indulged on the dog and cat fight blaming each other for the encroachment. Such a dog and cat fight is begun just after the revelations of the mistaken committed from the Metropolitan City Office. This is utterly shameful not only the elected representatives like Mayor and to the dweller of the Kathmandu.  As all this had been happening right under nose of the Mayor Shakya, how he can be remained clueless from the encroachment. Mayor Shakya’s allegation to his deputy Khadgi of deferring action against the traders would not cover up his utter negligence. There was no necessary to give responsibility to the deputy Mayour Khadgi if he was not indulged on the encroachment scam. The incident of encroachment at Khula Manch clearly indicates not only the passiveness of the officials and elected representatives but left a clear sign of fraud.  As demolishing of structures would not sufficient, an independent and powerful investigation requires immediately bringing to book the perpetrators who have involved in the scam.