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Govt. should know the real conspirator
  Kathmandu, Nepal      October 02 2018

Leadership clashes followed by the growing discontent voices over the decisions taken by the chairman duo- KP Sharma Oli and Pushpa Kamal Dahal- of the ruling Nepal Communist Party (NCP) has come to the fore triggering a fear that incumbent government would be reshuffled anytime soon. The dissident faction led by Madhav Kumar Nepal has exposed the internal rift even campaigning to the party leadership, particularly the chairman and Prime Minister K P Oli for overruling the party even bypassing the party’s legitimate mechanism. It is said that the Nepal led dissident faction had already registered an objections at the party to the secretariat’s unilateral decisions on appointment of provincial leaders.  Even though the factional war is the common syndrome among the political parties in Nepal including the NCP, the recent one is taken meaningfully because the long being miffed Nepal faction has spit venom on the leadership at the time when both the chairman have gone out of the country. The internal rift of the NCP would not have a matter of concern to all the commoners including us even if the party was not the ruling head and the internal rift would not have jeopardized the prospect of having stable government to implement the federal republic system of the country as envisaged by the constitution.

It is being suspected that the NCP would face vertical split even if the recent factional rift was not managed properly on time in a legitimate way. The long being remaining rivalry between Nepal and Oli had begun to come on fore after latter one begun to bypass the former one by taking into confidence to another chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal. The interests between chairman duo Oli and Dahal seem to have matched as both the leader have not only shared the posts including the provincial leaders but also agreed for exchange of posts. It is obvious that the dissatisfaction of the Nepal led faction is nothing than getting share in the party mechanism even though his remarks delivered in the parliament reflect the general perception on the NCP and its led government. Leader Nepal had come heavily against of the government mentioning about its failure to control increasing incidence of murder, rape, acid attack, violence against women and rising corruption. As of the leader Nepal’s saying people want good governance, development, speedy delivery of services and an end to sub-standard work but Oli and Dahal bow down in shame and if a person known to the public as corrupt is rewarded. We have to salute to the leader Nepal for reflecting the reality. 

The party leadership, particularly the Prime Minister Oli and his loyalist have begun to demonstrate their mussels labeling the dissatisfaction as of an attempt to topple the incumbent government. As Prime Minister Oli’s chief advisor Bishnu Rimal tweeted stating that downfall of some people begins when they start to topple their own people, it is being guessed that the incumbent government would have admitted the possibility of toppling the government. Another Oli loyalist leader Rajan Bhattarai has also stated that something is cooked within the party to topple the government. Home Minister Ram Bahadur Thapa has also similar admission that conspiracies are being hatched to topple the government by attacking it from all directions. The statements of leaders are not only indicating the possibility of toppling the government but also exposing the extent of differences of the party.  As of the world’s communist leaders, our NCP leaders are champion to blame others even labeling as conspirator, but they have no endurance to comprehend their own flawed. The thing to realize here is that the so-called conspiracy to topple the government would have hatched from their own leaders but not the oppositions. It’s not blame but a matter of fact that, more than six months in power now, the incumbent two-thirds majority government has not been able to do the bare minimum to ensure good governance and the rule of law. The NCP leaders, particularly the government has to realize here that nobody will save the government if it goes ahead with usual attitude. More and more dissenting voices will be heard not only from the party’s rank and files but also from the streets as well if the government failed to mend their working style.