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Journey To Transformation
  Kathmandu, Nepal      January 17 2020

By Tanka Panta


When we hear about the Landmark Forum, it signifies and strikes, that an International educational organization which focus on individuals towards positive thinking and implementing it in a practical life. Landmark is an international, personal and professional growth, training and development company—a global educational enterprise committed to the fundamental principle that people have the possibility of success, fulfillment and greatness.
Despite of having innumerable problems in one's life, from minor to severe issues, the landmark Forum works in every case. This is the tried and tested technology, initiated in 1991 with the same momentum Landmark works with an individual, helping them to see their blind spots, reaching out to the core source of their problem/issue. I am astonished by the LMF idea, of “Seeing an individual bigger than who they are, and setting them for success in their life," helping them to detach with the incidents/stories. I feel Landmark forum is an instrumental educational organization, putting people's life at stake.

The landmark Forum offers various types of programmers all over the world like USA, Australia, India, South Africa, Israel, Japan, Britain and many other countries. For the first time Landmark Forum happened in Nepal, a few months ago. In the program various dignitaries like elected representatives from different political parties,  lawyers, journalists, editors, doctors, Entrepreneurs, Teachers, business persons, politicians took part and they had a life changing transformed experiences which changed their lives because of their huge impact. All of the participants volunteered and had expressed the areas of their life where they were having problems, unsolved tensions. Some expressed their issue with their profession, some explained their issues in their family relations, and some pointed out issues in their business and so on. In one case, one of the participants stood and expressed his desire to rejuvenate his family relations which was almost dead since last 7 years. The Forum Leader took him to his source where the issue started with his family and within a few minutes the long unsolved family mystery solved in front of all the participants, permanently. This encouraged every participant to help their friends and families to live unconditionally. That’s why Nepalese people gravitate towards Landmark Forum.

As the Landmark Forum focus on positive thinking, building confidence, leadership development, transforming relationships,  supporting individual  to see the where they are using Rackets,  winning suite and boost up - can do attitude, there are more than 193,000 participants get benefitted every year globally and more than 23 millions of people have already graduated through Landmark worldwide.  Researched reveled that a Landmark graduate had transformed not only his/her family, but the entire society, community and the lives he/she is touching with and also a few  some case a country.

In Kathmandu, the participants, who cannot pay fully but want to participate in the Landmark programs got help from some (Landmark graduates) or some form of payment/support arranged. The Forum lasts for 5 days (i.e. 14 hours/ day) and the evening (5pm till 10pm). On the fourth day, we were sent to the field to practice the learning in our real life. The fifth day, evening session was for the family members, friends, relatives to invite and share what the participants learned and this evening.  

More than 200 plus people were amazed to hear the transformational experiences of the participants.  

The Landmark Forum happened in Nepal was initiated by few people. Forum leader was Mr Gurmeet Khurana, Nepali translator were Meena Sharma, Rajan Adhikari, Deepak Sharma and the Austrlian team who had help immensely to accomplish this programme are Anne Rittman, Jeffrey Cohen, Brian McShane, Lesley Hazelwood and many other supporters. Forum leader Gurmeet Khurana had explained the objectives of the programme and all the participants were able to understand and utilize what they had learned easily. The delivery method was very simple for all the participants, though they are from diverse background. Everyone was able to internalize the context equally. Before conducting the forum in Nepal, huge amount of preparation had been done by the Nepal team, Serena, Deepak, Uttam, Meena, Rajan and Ram. The initial plan was to conduct Forum only for the Parliamentarians and in that respect, initial meetings were conducted with Puspa Kamal Dahal (Prachanda),  Madhav Kumar Nepal , Janardan Sharma and many other MPs.  However, due to their last minute urgency and other prior commitments, they were unable to attend and that was cancelled later on and opened for the public.

What I had observed in that forum is, not even a single person whether they belong to political realm or any other field if they participate Landmark Forum, it will help them to transform their surroundings and their society so easily. My wife Meena Sharma, had insisted me a lot to participate Landmark Forum many times and fortunately I was able to reduce my excuses not to participate this time and I participated but still there was a doubt on my mind which said ‘I am not going to stay in a chair for 14 hours a day for 3 days’. After the completion of the first day, I got completely concealed by the Forum Leader, Gurmeet’s presentation and was able to sense something which was never happened in me before. For the second day and the third day, I didn’t even leave the room except for the tea and lunch break, I didn't want to miss even a single sentence of Gurmeet. I realized, how I had synchronized my horizon, how I was living confined with my own petty issues instead I had all the possibilities and I could live un-conditionally. I have brought change within me now. It gave me a feel that how I used to take decision before and how I took a decision now is completely different. I got my potential back, I got my efficiency expanded, all my doubts and incomplete thoughts were dissolved and a new Tanka Panta evolved within me. I had completed the Landmark Forum. I am transformed and this is what I was looking within me long ago. Finally I dis-covered who I was and who I am now. I realized, if we focus and continue what we want to do, there is no such thing called impossible. 

This is not only my story after the Landmark forum, almost everyone who were participated have similar and even more exciting transformational stories to tell. All the participants want to help their families, relatives and their friends to transform their life. For that reason they want to invite their relatives to participate Landmark Forum and in result, now more than 200 people are waiting to participate. Landmark Forum offers many programmers. After completing the Forum most of the participants choose to go for Advanced Course. Bringing positivism in daily life and the way of enjoying life are the few of many options provided by the Landmark Forum which is the key factors attracting Nepalese citizens. 

Mr Gurmeet Khurana, who used to earn millions every month, left his business and took an initiation to transform society through an individual. I found he is a real leader, transforming societies and citizens locally/ globally. I feel that each and everyone who are at the decision making level in the society/country should take a chance to attend the Forum. I guarantee that being a part of this exposure will definitely help us at personal level and through us this will even support to the Nepal's government vision of "Happy Nepali, Prosperous Nepal" and our commitment to SDG 2030.

To take part on the Landmark Forum, will help not only you but your surroundings immensely, this is my understanding and when we transform together then only we can open the possibilities of prosperity.

About the author:

Tanka Panta is Board of Director's at Nepal Television, Editor in chief at and editor at Lekhan Kunj.