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Leaders under Examinations
  Kathmandu, Nepal      August 17 2021

The ruling Nepali Congress (NC) has published its calendar of events to hold its 14th general convention in the midst of the spiking number of coronavirus infection cases throughput the country including in Kathmandu valley and the internal differences on ranges of issues including the active membership of the party. As per the newly published calendar of events, the NC will finalize the list of the party's active membership on August 18, organize ward level convention across the country on September 3, village and municipality level convention on September 12, Provincial level convention on September 17, federal constituency level convention on September 21, district level convention on September 26, province level convention on October 27 and 28 and the central level general convention November 25 to 29 in Kathmandu. Though the NC has legal pressure to hold the convention within this year, there are numerous difficulties even accomplish the convention. As the differences over the issue of active membership has created hurdles even to initiate process for the convention, the party has assigned Krishna Prasad Sitaula, Dr Minendra Rijal and Ramesh Lekhak to resolve the dispute by setting Tuesday’s deadline. It is expected that the three member panel would settle the remaining issues related to the distribution of active membership within the given deadline. 

As the NC is not only the ruling head but also the grand old democratic party of the country the scheduled convention of the party has become a matter of concerns to all even though internal matter of a party should not be reflected in the functioning of the government. Not only the cadres and leaders of the NC but also the well-wishers have cautiously been watching that how and when the NC settles the internal differences to make possible the convention and move ahead to overcome the hurdles emerged ahead of the country including the coronavirus pandemic. As the incumbent government was formed under the leadership of the NC after the major communist parties of the country failed to run the government due to division and differences in the party, the first and foremost challenge ahead of the NC is that that internal differences of the party would not hamper on the functioning in the government. The NC would not able to overcome all the challenges emerged ahead of the nation if it failed to settle the internal differences to hold the convention in time to elect capable leadership for the coming term through a democratic manner. As active members of the NC are the basic voters as well as candidates in ward levels to center, the differences seen over the issue of active membership should be settled permanently before heading for the elections. The three member committee would do nothing to settle the differences if all the leaders of the party do not take equal responsibilities to get rid the party from factional war. 

The government has unveiled Common Minimum Program (CMP) as a future policy and program of the incumbent coalition government emphasizing the issues and agendas of controlling of pandemic, controlling of living expenses, cracking down of black marketing, enhancing of production-oriented economy, providing of relief and rehabilitation to the victims of the floods and landslides like natural calamities, resolution of border disputes with neighboring India and many others, all the leaders, no matter whether they are from the ruling head NC or from the coalition partners, should take equal responsibilities to implement the CMP. Being the head of the coalition government, the NC has to take a lead role to accomplish the issues and agendas mentioned in the CMC even though all the coalition partners are equally responsible to make success the government. As some critics have begun to criticize the Prime Minister and NC president Sher Bahadur Deuba for the delay to expand the cabinet, all the leaders of the coalition partners should take immediate steps to functionalize the government by giving full shape to the cabinet. As the NC has taken historic responsibilities to lead the coalition government at this critical juncture, performance of the NC leaders and cadres would be examined in the future.