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NC Should Regain Its Lost Strength
  Kathmandu, Nepal      January 30 2020

The month long dispute engulfed in the main opposition Nepali Congress (NC) has come into end now after leaders of the party agreed to move ahead in a unified manner by forging consensus on all the disputed issues including the recent on friction over upcoming general convent of the party. The series of efforts made to end the intra-party disputes taken a shape after both the establishment and the disgruntled factions agreed upon to hold the party’s national convention from February 19-22, 2021 with some correction in working calendars. The disgruntle faction led by senior leader Ram Chandra Poudel was miffed  after the establishment faction led by party president Sher Bahadur Deuba took the decision amid boycott.

Though the factional war is common phenomenon among the political parties including in the Nepali congress, the recent one dispute of the party had become matter of concerns to all. As the main opposition has failed to come up with the united voice in the opposition front to check the wrongdoings of the incumbent government, not only the cadres and well-wishers of the party but also the adherent of the parliamentary system have cautiously been observing the Nepali Congress with the expectation for the same. 

Though the role of constructive opposition is highly required not only to check the wrong doings of the incumbent government but also to advance the parliamentary system, the Nepali Congress has failed to discharge the role of effective opposition. The critics have blamed the Nepali Congress that the leadership of the Nepali Congress failed even to realize their role as opposition.

Being the grand old Democratic Party that had led every democratic movement of the country, the leadership of the party, regardless of establishment or dissident faction, should have a realization that indulging on the internal rift would hamper to discharge the role of constructive opposition. The Nepali Congress failed to present assertively even in the time when the government come up with one after another controversial bills that could potentially curtail the fundamental values and norms of the democracy guaranteed as the civil rights in the constitution. As government seems to have intended to curtail the fundamental right guaranteed by the constitution, the Nepali Congress should have spoke against of the government’s wrongdoings by forwarding alternative perspectives. Considering even to the election results, the leadership of the party should have initiated their activities by bridging the differences to stand untidily to intervene and exert pressure on the government to correct its anti democratic activities.

The government has brought one after another flaw laws by disrespecting the concerns of the opposition parties even undermining the fundamental values of the democracy and rule of law. The voice raised by the Nepali Congress has become insufficient to correct the wrongdoings of the incumbent government. The recent one decision of endorsing the most controversial IT bill through the Parliamentary Development and Technology Committee with majority vote sans holding wider consultations with the concerned stakeholders and despite strong reservations from the opposition would be sufficient to examine the attitude of the incumbent government towards the democracy and civil liberty.

Not only the concerned stake holders but also the international communities have raised voices against of the government’s activities echoing the voices rose against of the government. But all these efforts have become titular so as to compel the government to backtrack from the controversial decision, thanks to the highhandedness attitude of the government, thanks to the ineffective role of the opposition party Nepali Congress. The leadership of the Nepali Congress should have a realization here that the party has failed to discharge its role due to the internal wrangling on petty partisan issues but not the issue and agendas. With the recent agreement to bury the internal differences, the leadership of the party should be able to give the message of internal unity by revive the lost valor of the cadres and well wishers of the party.