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Upcoming By-elections: A Testimony of Two Big Parties
  Kathmandu, Nepal      October 30 2019

Kathmandu, Nepal: As by-election is scheduled to take place on coming 30 November, political fever has gripped the political parties, particularly the ruling head Nepal Communist Party (NCP) and the main opposition party Nepali Congress (NC). The by-election is taking place in 43 districts for fulfilling different 52 posts, including one House of Representative member, three state assembly members, one mayor, three chairpersons, one vice-chair and 43 ward chairs of the rural municipalities. The Election Commission (EC), the constitutional body responsible to hold the elections, has already placed all the necessary preparations even appointing Chief Returning Officer (CRO) and Returning Officers (RO). Likewise, election code of conduct has also brought into effect from October 25 until the completion of by-election with intent to hold the by-elections free, fair, transparent and fearless manner.
The scheduled by-election has been taken as testimony to the political parties, particularly the big two- NCP and the NC to prove their strength and popularity among the people. As the by-election is going to be held in the mean time when it is believed that the incumbent NCP led incumbent government has caused to loss the popularity of the party, the NC seems confident to win the by-elections. Souring relationship among the leaders of the ruling head NCP has also played lead role to be euphoric the main opposition NC. However, another fact is also here that NC has not remained apart from the factional war. Statement of NC president Deuba on Monday alone would be sufficient to measure the internal factional war of the party. Exposing the internal differences of the party, Deuba had stated that intra-party betrayal in the by-election would be intolerable and unforgivable. Underlining the need of ending the factionalism and betrayal to win the elections, Deuba also urged party cadres to work to ensure that the mandate is towards the NC by rising above the factions and becoming united in the party.
Being the government head and mandated by the people for the full term, the upcoming by-elections would be a measurement of popularity for the ruling head NCP. However, ineffectiveness of the government has not only causing harm to the ruling head NCP but also the internal differences among the top leadership of the party. Recent remarks of the leaders have clearly been signifying of deep mistrust among the top leadership, particuallry among the two chairs of the party though Dhala had attempted to cover up the differences. It is likely that the NCP would face the similar fate like it had witnessed during the election of the Chitwan District Committee of Construction Entrepreneurs last month. As the NCP had fielded a candidate loyal to the former Maoist faction in the election, he was defeated due to the lack of cooperation from those belonging to the former UML. The NCP has recommended Bidhya Bhattarai, widow of the late tourism minister Rabindra Adhikari, as the party’s candidate for the upcoming by-election in Kaski Constituency-2, she would bag the sympathy votes but not sure that rival faction of the party would support her to win the elections. The sympathy alone would not sufficient to win the elections, thanks to the unpopularity gained by the government and the factional war. As both the sides cannot win the same post, we have nothing to say to the people but an urge is that rightful candidate has to be elected on the basis of the performance of the concerned leaders and the party.