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Another Bird Flu Case Detected In Bhaktapur
  Kathmandu, Nepal      April 04 2019


Bhaktapur, Nepal, April 4, 2019: Authorities have confirmed that another case of deadly Bird Flu has been detected in a poultry farm in Bhaktapur district. 

With the detection of Bird Flu case in Bhaktapur, the people in general seem afraid to consume the chicken products. Earlier, such case of Bird Flu was detected in Kathmandu as well. 

According to the authorities, the case of Bird Flu was detected at Utkrista Multipurpose Agriculture Farm at Tarkhagal of Dadhikot in Suryabinayak municipality. 

The authorities have said that 2,985 chickens and 150 kilograms poultry feeds were destroyed in the presence of the police following the detection of the Bird Flu case.