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Bill At HOR Demanding Legalization of Marijuana
  Kathmandu, Nepal      March 03 2020

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Kathmandu, Nepal, March 3, 2020: Five decades after the Nepal government illegalized marijuana cultivation and consumption, the demands for permitting license to cultivate and sell of cannabis are raised from different quarters. A private bill has also been registered at the House of Representatives (HoR) seeking the legalization for production and medical use purpose.

Lawmaker from the ruling head Nepal Communist Party (NCP) Sher Bahadur Tamang, who is also the former minister for law and justice, registered a private bill at the HoR on Monday demanding license for the farmers to cultivate and sell cannabis.

Farmers should be allowed to acquire a license from the local government or the respective district after specifying the area of cultivation to cultivate marijuana with the provision to restrict unauthorized sell and use, Tamang has stated in the bill.

Earlier, 46 lawmakers from the ruling head NCP had also filed a proposal of urgent public importance at HoR with a similar demand. The NCP lawmakers including Tamang have been advocating in the parliament claiming that around 80 percent migrant workers would return home and the nation will become rich if marijuana farming is legalized in the country.

In the bill, Tamang has also proposed the formation of a 14-member Marijuana Board led by the health secretary and a regulatory body at the district level to regulate and manage the cultivation and sale of marijuana.

The producers should be allowed to sell their products to medical companies as prescribed by the board and the regulatory body in the district level should regulate both the production and sell, Tamang has stated in the bill. 

Many countries including 11 states of America have legalized the sell and consumption of marijuana. It is said that cultivation and sale of marijuana was not illegal in Nepal till early 1970s.
Interesting fact is here that, sell and consumption of marijuana seems common in Nepal though the government has not legalized.