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Government Initiate Process to Import Security Printing Press
  Kathmandu, Nepal      March 09 2021


Kathmandu, Nepal, March 9, 2021: The government has initiated the process to import the security printing press. The officials have said that the processes are initiated to import the security printing press by mid-July, this year.

Though the government had already initiated the process to impost the security printing press, it was stalled after audiotape regarding the conversation between citing minister and agent regarding the commission was leaked. 

In the leaked audiotape, then communications minister Gokul Baskota supposedly demanded Rs 740 million commissions from the agent of a Swiss company, KBA-Notasys, while promising it to give a contract to establish a security printing press in Nepal. Following the controversy, Baskota had resigned from the post.

Nepal used to spend billions of rupees to print security printing items such as bank notes, passport, postal stamps, excise duty stickers and others. But there is yet to assure that the government would able to operate the security printing press sans support of the concerned stake holders. 

The Federation of Nepal Printers’ Association (FNPA), the only umbrella organization of Nepalese Printing entrepreneurs, has repeatedly been demanding involvement of concerned stake holders through the Public Private Partnership (PPP) model claiming that the government would not able to operate the security printing press in a professional manner.