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Feudal Filmy Story Of Forging Loan Still Alive In Sarlahi!
  Kathmandu, Nepal      September 02 2019

Kathmandu, Nepal, September 02, 2019: The whole story of notorious Shyam Krishna Kalawar of Sarlahi district sounds like a filmy story of a feudal society. But it has exposed into a reality after police arrest him for allegedly defrauding hundreds of poor neighboring people by forging loan documents. 
Kalawar, who has confessed himself of extorting exorbitant interests on loans, has been alleged of forging loan documents by changing figures and terms, charging excessive interests and sexually abusing women and girls when they become unable to pay the interest on time. 
Responding to the widespread criticism followed by the media reports, Sarlahi District Police Office has arrested Kalawar from his Malangawa-based house on Sunday. However, the debt victims still doubt that they would not get justice even after his arrest. 
As Kalawar had been influencing the local administration as well as local leaders and political parties to expand his forgery net and lately got affiliated to the government head Nepal Communist Party (NCP), there is nothing to be optimistic for the justice from his arrest; a neighbor as well as loan victim said preferring anonymity.  
About 300 neighboring people had been protesting after they were compelled to displace due to the forgery loan documents. As the locals come in Kathmandu again to reveal the whole story of the misdeeds and media covered their story with high preference, the administration become compel to arrest him.    
According to the victims, Kalawar used to provide loan to the illiterate and poor locals by setting condition of putting thumb print to the loan agreement document to get loan from him once they face their family problems like marriage, death rituals and others.
Once the victims get loan, Kalawar used to claim excessive interest even changing figure and terms of the loan and compel them for another thumb print into another documents. He even used compel them to give their thumb sign for several times even to a single time deal. 
Some victims have come openly even charging that Kalawar used to propose to have sexual relation with the woman ad girls if the family fails to clear the debt loan on time.  
Some instances have already proved that Kalawar has prepared loan documents claiming they had borrowed millions of rupees from him though these poor families had borrowed amounts between Rs 50,000 to Rs 100,000. He has prepared loan documents worth Rs 3,000,000 to 9,000,000 against several households in the district whereas he had given less than Rs 100,000 as loan to them.  
It is found that Kalawar had given a total loan of about Rs 10 million to 300 households of the district but he has already collected Rs. 10.2 million from the borrower as the interest and he has still been claiming Rs 90 million as lending interest from the locals by producing fake loan documents. 
As Kalawar used to produce fake loan documents bearing their thumb prints, the borrowers always lose the court case and face even jail term. Frustrated debt victims have not only displaced but some have lost their lives too. 
According to the victims, Durga Devi Chaudhary, a woman from Lalbandi Municipality, Saptari, has already committed suicide and other two locals - Rajbir Chaudhary and Sabitri Kapa are also died due to the loan torture.