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Japan Extends Grant Aid for the Implementation of theEconomic and Social Development Programme
  Kathmandu, Nepal      June 25 2020


Kathmandu, Nepal, June 25 2020: The Government of Japan has extended grant assistance of up to three hundred million Japanese Yen (¥300,000,000), equivalent to 333 million Nepalese Rupees to the Government of Nepal for the Economic and Social Development Program.

His Excellency, Mr. SAIGO Masamichi, Ambassador of Japan to Nepal, and Mr. Shreekrishna Nepal, Joint Secretary, the International Economic Cooperation and Coordination Division of the Ministry of Finance, signed notes to this effect.

The COVID-19 infection has rapidly increased over the world and affecting human lives as well as economic and social activities, furthermore the dignity of people. 

Many countries have been trying to use their resources to take steps based on lessons learned in the past and cases of other countries to tackle the virus. Unfortunately, many also face difficulties to provide health and medical services, and this has already severely damaged economic and social activities and wellbeing of the people.

Japan has been working to archive the universal health coverage, however, the current crisis particularly affects countries with vulnerable health systems. Therefore improvement of the health system of each country is essential.

Based on awareness for the problems and in response to a request from the Government of Nepal, the Government of Japan will provide medical equipment to be utilized for taking measures against infectious diseases and the development of healthcare and medical systems.

Japan also intends to cooperate with the international community, including this support, to take a leading and active role to overcome this global crisis.

The Embassy of Japan is confident that the objectives envisaged by this program will be achieved, and contribute towards further strengthening the relationship, friendship and cooperation between the peoples of Japan and Nepal.