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Nepal Police Arrest Five Chinese National For Their Involvement In Stealing Millions Of Rupees By Hacking Bank System
  Kathmandu, Nepal      September 01 2019

Kathmandu, Nepal, September 1, 2019: Nepal Police arrest five Chinese nationals from Kathmandu, the capital city of Nepal, for their involvement in stealing millions of rupees by hacking bank system. 

According to the police, the Chinese nationals were arrested from the Durbarmarg on Saturday night when they were stealing millions of rupees from bank accounts by forging ATM cards of Nabil Bank subscribers.

Police have recovered over Rs 10 million rupees and 132 ATM cards from the arrested Chinese national.  

The detainees kept at the Metropolitan Police Range, Teku is being made public today by organizing a press conference.

The police have intensified investigation suspecting that the huge amount would have stolen by the gang.