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PPMO Points Wrong While Purchasing Wide-Body
  Kathmandu, Nepal      December 15 2018


Kathmandu, Nepal: The widespread claim of massive irregularities occurred while purchasing two wide-body aircrafts for the Nepal Airlines Corporation (NAC) wound not remain merely blame, thanks to the revelations of one after another facts regarding to the case. 

The Public Procurement Monitoring Office (PPMO) has found that the purchase of two wide-body aircraft by the NAC was made without any tender calls though open completion is the fundamental process for public procurement. 

The PPMO, the procurement regulatory body of the Nepal government under the office of the Prime Minister and council of ministers, has submitted its report on Monday to the Secetriate of the parliament stating that NAC decided the deal worth billions of rupees only on the basis of a request for proposals (RFP), which is considered as sheer violence of the public procurement act. 

As there was no way tender call but purchased on the basis of the RFP, which is a must for the purchase of goods and services under the Public Procurement Act, the alleged irregularities would be exposed soon if the investigation was conducted seriously. 

‘The purchase of aircraft is like the procurement of any other item,’ the PPMO has stated in the report adding that purchasing the aircrafts without tender calls means it was clear that there was no competition. 

Following the directives of the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) of parliament, the PPMO had formed a committee to investigate the matter. International Relations Committee (IRC) of the parliament has also been probing the matter in suspicion of irregularities. 

Likewise, the Commission for the Investigation of Abuse of Authority (CIAA) has also initiated process to investigate the matter in suspicion of corruption. The auditor general’s report had already claimed that the corporation had breached not only the Public Procurement Act but its own financial by-law while making the deal.

Though the Tourism Ministry has claimed that the jets purchase deal was transparent and the due process was followed, the PPMO has suspected that the jets would have purchased on the basis of Request for Proposal (RFP), which is against of the Clause 2 (C) of the Public Procurement Act-2063, the report states. 

It is being suspected that Rs 6 billion would have emblazed while purchasing the wide-body for the NAC.