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Share investors launch relay hunger strike demanding reforms
  Kathmandu, Nepal      December 09 2018


Kathmandu, Nepal: The share investors' has launched a relay hunger strike at the office of Nepal Stock Exchange in Bhadrakali of Kathmandu putting forward various demands related to reforms in the Nepalese Share market.

As Nepalese Share market has continuously been falling down, the share investors have demanded immediate reforms in the share market including the resignation of the finance minister Youbraj Khatiwada. 

The share investors’ pressure group has alleged the finance minister Khatiwad of not showing seriousness to the Nepalese share market.  
The demands put forward by the investors’ pressure include that banks and financial institutions should release a share secured loan of 25 percent of the total loan investment and the newly launched online system should be accessed by all investors.

Likewise, the demands like non-residents Nepalese and other Nepali nationals living abroad should be brought to the capital market clearing the legal hurdles and the margin trading be opened immediately through share brokers are also raised by the investors.