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Supreme Court Turns Down Government’s Request to Review Interim Order on Tax Collection
  Kathmandu, Nepal      June 16 2020

Kathmandu, Nepal, June, 16, 2020: The Supreme Court (SC), the Apex Court of the country, has on Monday turned down the government’s request to review its interim order to allow 30 days after the complete lifting of the lockdown time to the taxpayers to pay their dues. 

A division bench of Chief Justice Cholendra Shumsher Rana and Justice Prakash Kumar Dhungana quashed the government’s plea made through the Office of the Attorney General to vacate the apex court’s June 11 interim order.  

With the order the government cannot compel the taxpayers to clear the tax dues before the lockdown is completely lifted.  
Responding to the writ filed against of the government’s notice to the taxpayers for paying tax within June 21, the SC had on June 11 issued the interim order to the Finance Ministry and the Inland Revenue Department to make necessary arrangements for the taxpayers to pay their tax dues within 30 days after the lockdown is lifted completely. 

Though the government had issued similar notice to the taxpayers for paying tax within June 7, it was extended for June 21 due to the widespread criticism.  The government has been exerting pressure to the taxpayers to clear tax dues citing difficulties even to manage regular expenditure of the government. 

Following the spreading fear of the coronavirus, the government had announced a complete lockdown across the country on March 24 causing a grinding halt in all the economic activities of the country. 

After about three month long lockdown, the government had on Wednesday decided to ease the lockdown is some sectors.  However, economic sectors have yet to come into normalcy not only due to the fear of spreading virus but continuation of halt in other many sectors including the public transportation.